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In that circle we go

Posted 2 years ago by Anabelle Martin under Mysteries & Unexplained

Have you ever heard about a certain area in a mountain or a forest where a person goes around in circles? Are fairy circles, Leshy or Tikbalang familiar to you? Do you know what they have in common? Well if your answer is that they make a person disappear or,...   read more »

Are you hungry?

Posted 3 years ago by Anabelle Martin under Poltergeist

haha sorry for the title but yeah.

This story happened when I was on my 5th grade in elementary. it was a Friday night and my mom and i were watching Bubble gang. All the lights were off and we were the only two people at the house during this ...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Anabelle Martin under Demons

This an account about an Ouija board session that I observed since I didn't take part in it.(Better safe than sorry)

It was the dusk of a chilly October when my friends from Baguio decided to play the Ouija board we found on our ancestral house wherein we stayed ...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Anabelle Martin under Ghosts & Spirits

This maybe one of the proofs that even at an early age I was drawn to the paranormal.

I can't really remember this but my mum told me about what happened when I was 5 or maybe 6 years old.I am an only child and usually played alone since there were ...   read more »