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The Cursed Necklace

Posted 3 years ago by Gladi Cruz under Mysteries & Unexplained

When I was 10, my mom died. Two months later, my foster mom gave my friend Lisbeth a necklace. That night she started having horrible, creepy nightmares (her and her family being tortured, being haunted, etc.) Then, about two weeks later, our friend Erika started having nightmares just like Lisbeth's. Then ...   read more »

The Silhouette

Posted 3 years ago by Gladi Cruz under Ghosts & Spirits

When I was little, I was always scared of being alone. My mom said something about me was different than other people, but she never told me what was different about me. When I was 10( I'm 12 now) my mom died, and ever since I always felt someone behind me, even ...   read more »