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Demon Eyes.

Posted 3 years ago by Emily (Mimi) Robinson under Demons

This has what has happened to a friend recently.

Recently she has been complaining about lack of sleep, she says that during the night, she'll wake up in in the darkness of a corner of he room she'll see a pair of glowing red eyes.

Upon asking her what she ...   read more »

Weird behavior

Posted 3 years ago by Emily (Mimi) Robinson under Others

{Not as relevant, just information} Since I was born I have had really, really bad eyesight. I wear a prescription lens and glasses and I have been declared blind. I have a cataract in one eye, a condition called Heterochromia iridium and allergic conjunctivitis. I also don't have much depth ...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Emily (Mimi) Robinson under Dreams

(Just a quick note, I find this scary but you may not)

I always have these dreams that I am falling, my most common one is that I am at school and something will go majorly wrong like people will start bullying me badly and I will commit suicide by ...   read more »