Please... Let Me Sleep Peacefully...

Posted 1 year ago by Xhiq Cruz under Dreams

I know sleep paralysis are common to people who are under stress or those who lack enough sleep. Back when I was studying in college, I usually sleep very late. Like 3 or 4am.

I changed my habit after one spooky incident.

I had sleep paralysis one time I was sleeping. ...   read more »

Spare room, scare room

Posted 2 years ago by Lisa Hudon under Dreams

I sleep in the spare room because my husband snores. UHG! NEVER fails, every time I am in there, I have a very scary dream, like spooky. or scary like bad things that have happened in my life. The reoccurring dream I have is of BEING LOST. for more than 30 ...   read more »

My sister

Posted 2 years ago by Lisa Hudon under Dreams

I lost my big sister this past summer. Miss her a lot. The trauma of this has given me dreams...one of which was so wonderful. I dreamt I was asleep in her house on the sofa. I woke up just enough, in the dream, to see her telling me ...   read more »

One Terrifying Nightmare

Posted 3 years ago by Joakim Sundberg under Dreams

Ok here goes... After i went on a ghost hunting one evening i was a bit nervous before going to bed that night. Now if this is linked to me getting a nightmare doesnt matter. The nightmare itself still gives me chills down my spine and i remember All of ...   read more »

Am I still dreaming?

Posted 3 years ago by Cha Yang under Dreams

Inside this big, broken down, wet, and foul mansion, I am walking down it's long corridor; to which seems like there is no end to this hall. There seems to be millions of endless doors to my left and my right. Everywhere I look, spiders crawl here and there; their ...   read more »

a dream i had two nights ago

Posted 3 years ago by Jada Kennedy under Dreams

I had a dream about receiving a package from a actress I asked for a autograph from and in it was her autograph and some other stuff in it was and a written letter from her also but there was also some gifts in the package for me also then ...   read more »