Mystery at my house

Posted 3 years ago by Tasha A under Mysteries & Unexplained

It was a quiet night at my house with nobody at home but me and my son. My son wasn't feeling well and was sleeping in our room. It was dead silence and I was In the living room watching tv. I decided to turn the tv off and go ...   read more »

Story Collection #1

Posted 3 years ago by Wakinyan Villagomez under Mysteries & Unexplained

In my last story, I mentioned that my family is used to paranormal happenings. I'll be telling three that are from my mother's childhood experiences, and these ones fascinated me:

The first one occurred when my mom was a child. She lived with her single, divorced mother, and her mother's ...   read more »

Double me?/mirror me?

Posted 3 years ago by Lorraine Avallone under Mysteries & Unexplained

So One night when I'm in the shower,
I had gotten a bloody nose, thinking nothing of it
I stepped out of the shower to tend to it, there's a mirror
On the wall right as you step out of the shower, another on
The wall across from the shower ...   read more »

Most recent experience...

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Mysteries & Unexplained

This happened yesterday(sixth of March) So its an “unrelated“ experience to my previous experience(s).
I went to work, around six o'clock in the morning. I was almost there, when I heard laughter coming from behind... I turned around, just so I can see nothing and nobody who could ...   read more »

Shapeless Figure

Posted 3 years ago by Lorraine Avallone under Mysteries & Unexplained

okay So I have many stories but one that Scared me the most
Was A few years ago. I was laying in bed late one night and
For no reason I was aware of I woke up in fear!
Till I spotted it! A short shapeless black figure shadowy almost
...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Cha Yang under Mysteries & Unexplained

Shattered is a collection of true short stories that occurred with either my family, friends, or neighbors. Due to the short duration of each story, I felt each story did not deserve it's own page but should be acknowledge and shared among the community.

My ...   read more »