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This story is the property of my Cousin David. The story revolves around how he would lose a love one only to gain another one.

David is my older cousin, but I did go to school with his younger brother, Joe. Me and Joe did not hang out often, but ...   read more »

Backyard Camping

Posted 3 years ago by Lisa Hudon under Mysteries & Unexplained

The top our new house is finally done. We are all excited about our new spaces.
I have an idea to ask my girlfriend if she wants to camp in our back yard. The following weekend we pitch the tent in the farthest part of yard - near where the ...   read more »

The marionette prince

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When I was a about seven years old, my aunt gave me a marionette doll of a prince, wearing light pink medieval clothing. It was carved out of wood and had strings, like those traditionall dolls in theatres. I remember only accepting it because it was a gift as I ...   read more »

Hide n' Seek

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This story is the sole reason why I no longer play Hide n' Seek ever since I was a young kid. If this story freaked you out, I don't blame you. I believe I was 7-8 years old during this occurrence.

It was very dark in the house as my ...   read more »

those footsteps

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I had this cat when I was eleven. her name was mini. she was my first pet and I loved her a lot. she came to us as a kitten and we took a lot of care of her. once she became an adult she gave birth to three kittens. ...   read more »

The Picture

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This story goes back to when I was 3 in 1965.

I was staying with my grandparents as my mother was in hospital having my brother.

My grandparents lived in Prescot and their house was massive. I often used to just go around the rooms and staring at the pictures my grandmother ...   read more »