My Alien Abduction 1966

Posted 6 months ago by Brian Birch under Others

It was in the summer of 1966 that my brothers Rob, Dennis and I planned an undersea diving expedition to the clear waters off 'Black Rock' at Brighton in Sussex UK. Some two or three months in the planning, I was extremely excited at the forthcoming venture and had prepared for ...   read more »

Sleeping Coincidences

Posted 10 months ago by KymE Chimera under Others

My friend and I just found an odd occurrence that seems to happen whenever I sleep.
If it were just happening to me, I would dismiss it, assuming it were nothing more than just a weird habit I somehow picked up over the years, however, this happens to whoever sleeps ...   read more »

Why I Don't Stay Up Late At Night

Posted 11 months ago by Xhiq Cruz under Others

I was watching Pinoy Big Brother one Friday night. I think it was half past 10pm. I invited my mother to watch the tv show with me since the next day was a Saturday. But she couldn't because she had to go to work.

So I watched alone. I was ...   read more »

Black Dog in the Philippines

Posted 1 year ago by Jill Bawar under Others

Have you heard about the Black dog with red eyes? Well it has been around for centuries and people were not able to determine why it appears and what it wants. It's a black dog with red eyes and also has a very long tail and would sometimes perch on ...   read more »

The Manananggal

Posted 1 year ago by Jill Bawar under Others

One of the most frightening experience I had was when it was around 2-3AM and I heard something "whooshing" so loud by the window and only to realize it was wings. The biggest wings I had ever since and the reason why I can hear it so loudly as ...   read more »

Voice dopple ganger

Posted 1 year ago by Sunshine Epicalb under Others

It happened this year around march. I decided to bring my child for a swim in the beach for as early as 5am. Since sea water according to my mom is therapeutic. I woke up early that morning around 4:00 am,and since my niece wanted to go with us, i ...   read more »