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Guardian Angel?

Posted 3 weeks ago by Dalila Zamora under Mysteries & Unexplained

I can only hope this was someone who was looking after my granddaughter's...One evening my daughter and I left to our neighborhood Walmart to pickup a few items needed. We left my husband watching them sound asleep in their bedroom. My daughter decided to leave a recording device un ...   read more »

Well that killed the mood

Posted 2 months ago by Tiffany Amburgey under Ghosts & Spirits

My whole childhood I’ve experienced the paranormal. This would have to come in at one of my top 5.
It was summer time, i just moved out with my fiancé to our first place together (trailer). Later on we decided to add a new member to the family, her name ...   read more »

My Alien Abduction 1966

Posted 2 months ago by Brian Birch under Others

It was in the summer of 1966 that my brothers Rob, Dennis and I planned an undersea diving expedition to the clear waters off 'Black Rock' at Brighton in Sussex UK. Some two or three months in the planning, I was extremely excited at the forthcoming venture and had prepared for ...   read more »

The Housemate/Unknown

Posted 6 months ago by Gee Arrianne under Ghosts & Spirits

Hi, I am not good in writing, not good in English. So I would humbly appreciate if you don't judge the grammar.

So, this story happened way way back in my high school years. About 7 years ago. It was Saturday night, I remembered it was after I've done the laundry. ...   read more »

Sleeping Coincidences

Posted 7 months ago by KymE Chimera under Others

My friend and I just found an odd occurrence that seems to happen whenever I sleep.
If it were just happening to me, I would dismiss it, assuming it were nothing more than just a weird habit I somehow picked up over the years, however, this happens to whoever sleeps ...   read more »

Please... Let Me Sleep Peacefully...

Posted 7 months ago by Xhiq Cruz under Dreams

I know sleep paralysis are common to people who are under stress or those who lack enough sleep. Back when I was studying in college, I usually sleep very late. Like 3 or 4am.

I changed my habit after one spooky incident.

I had sleep paralysis one time I was sleeping. ...   read more »