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The life I lost

Posted 3 years ago by Jared North under Others

No one ever believes me, and none may. I have no documentation, no evidence, nothing to support my claim. I have done many research of why I am different, why I am able to see such things; but, no report, no article, no research has ever come to a conclusive ...   read more »

7ft Tall Black Shadow

Posted 3 years ago by ODetrick Farris under Ghosts & Spirits

My first experience with paranormal was the most terrifying morning of my life! Hearing stories, researching about them was very interesting. Especially knowing that I'm not the only one seeing these things that walks amongst us!

I woke up for a week straight at 4:30 am! No matter what time I ...   read more »

A piece of my six years of a living nightmare...

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

As every night, before bedtime I was laying in bed, reading a book. This night I thought... Well, lets say somehow I felt its going to be different, didn't count on what happened though... As I finished reading one page, and turned it so I can read the next, the ...   read more »

Voice Doppelgänger

Posted 3 years ago by Daniel Dumas under Ghosts & Spirits

This is gotta be one of my most frightening experiences ever! This happened when I went on a vacation in the province before with my Grandmother, I was just 8 years old that time, the year as far as I remember was 1996, our vacation was very short it lasted for only 2 ...   read more »

Shapeless Figure

Posted 3 years ago by Lorraine Avallone under Mysteries & Unexplained

okay So I have many stories but one that Scared me the most
Was A few years ago. I was laying in bed late one night and
For no reason I was aware of I woke up in fear!
Till I spotted it! A short shapeless black figure shadowy almost
...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Cha Yang under Mysteries & Unexplained

Shattered is a collection of true short stories that occurred with either my family, friends, or neighbors. Due to the short duration of each story, I felt each story did not deserve it's own page but should be acknowledge and shared among the community.

My ...   read more »