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Voice Doppelgänger

Posted 3 years ago by Daniel Dumas under Ghosts & Spirits

This is gotta be one of my most frightening experiences ever! This happened when I went on a vacation in the province before with my Grandmother, I was just 8 years old that time, the year as far as I remember was 1996, our vacation was very short it lasted for only 2 ...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Anne Tan under Dreams

I couldn't think of any other title for my story. This happened back in 2010 in my room.

Since I was a child, I've been having dreams of drowning like sinking on the bottom while I watch people resurface. I would wake up sweating and gasping for air, and sometimes, crying. ...   read more »

Death Comes To Visit

Posted 3 years ago by Kaye Macalinao under Others

I underwent surgery for my scoliosis when I was eleven years old.

Despite being done during a nationwide blackout, the surgery went well. I pulled through and was back in my hospital room in no time.

About a day after the surgery, a doctor came to check my vitals. He ...   read more »

The Knock

Posted 3 years ago by Daniel Dumas under Mysteries & Unexplained

This experience happened just days after my first paranormal experience.

The date as far as I remember was October 30th 1995. Me, My brother Ivan and Cousin Paleng were playing outside the Bisita (Chapel) when one of our friends started telling creepy tales. Everyone got serious and hooked, everyone shared stories ...   read more »

Dalaw (The Visit)

Posted 3 years ago by Daniel Dumas under Ghosts & Spirits

This experience happened when I was around 7 or 8 years old.

As far as i remember, this is my first ghost experience (Although I did not exactly see the ghost, but I heard him.. so i think that counts :))

I think the Month that time (when this experience happened, but im ...   read more »

Doppelgänger: Harbinger of Death?

Posted 3 years ago by Higaki Shigeru under Mysteries & Unexplained

My very first doppelgänger experience was during our Youth Camp way back 2012, an overnight event that starts at 7pm and ends at 6am. (It's a religious activity done every college week since I went from a catholic school). This activity usually consist of singing worship songs, then, we have ...   read more »