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The Life I Live

Posted 2 years ago by Jared North under Others

It's been almost a year since the last I posted here. I hope you guys are all doing well. I am recovering from my prior story I told here. I'd like to thank the people on this site that tried to help me and encouraged me to do better with ...   read more »

The life I lost

Posted 3 years ago by Jared North under Others

No one ever believes me, and none may. I have no documentation, no evidence, nothing to support my claim. I have done many research of why I am different, why I am able to see such things; but, no report, no article, no research has ever come to a conclusive ...   read more »

Country Road

Posted 3 years ago by P Madison under Others

I just wanted to share the experiences that happened to me and my family. If you are curious about the house the street name is the title and from my descriptions of the house it should be easy to find it out on Google maps. Well I hope you enjoy.

...   read more »

7ft Tall Black Shadow

Posted 3 years ago by ODetrick Farris under Ghosts & Spirits

My first experience with paranormal was the most terrifying morning of my life! Hearing stories, researching about them was very interesting. Especially knowing that I'm not the only one seeing these things that walks amongst us!

I woke up for a week straight at 4:30 am! No matter what time I ...   read more »

Cazadero, CA

Posted 3 years ago by Wakinyan Villagomez under Mysteries & Unexplained

Me and my family moved from Davis, CA, to Cazadero, CA. A lot of weird stuff happened there. I don't really remember much, but here is what my mother can remember:

On the first night there, my mom was alone, as me and my dad were at my grandmothers house. ...   read more »

A late night visitor...

Posted 3 years ago by Candace Manning under Ghosts & Spirits

Quick backstory: My great grandfather passed away December of 2006 from cancer in his bedroom of the house he and my great grandmother lived in since 1961. He was a quiet man who loved to relax in his favorite recliner and watch baseball.

This event took place January 11, 2010. My Aunt called me ...   read more »