Real Ghost Stories

Well that killed the mood

Posted 2 months ago by Tiffany Amburgey under Ghosts & Spirits

My whole childhood I’ve experienced the paranormal. This would have to come in at one of my top 5.
It was summer time, i just moved out with my fiancé to our first place together (trailer). Later on we decided to add a new member to the family, her name ...   read more »

The Housemate/Unknown

Posted 6 months ago by Gee Arrianne under Ghosts & Spirits

Hi, I am not good in writing, not good in English. So I would humbly appreciate if you don't judge the grammar.

So, this story happened way way back in my high school years. About 7 years ago. It was Saturday night, I remembered it was after I've done the laundry. ...   read more »

Unbelievable Ghost Encounter

Posted 7 months ago by Xhiq Cruz under Ghosts & Spirits

I was running some errands for my mother one Sunday morning. I think it was back in the year 2011. As far as I could remember, it was somewhat between 10am and 11am. I think I was buying some needed ingredients for the food my mother was making for lunch from ...   read more »

The child on the photograph

Posted 10 months ago by Jill Bawar under Ghosts & Spirits

Like I have mentioned before we own a funeral parlor and that there was one time when a young boy was brought to the morgue that my mom informed me died due to a vehicular accident. He was a very beautiful boy with long eyelashes and curly hair. Our mortician ...   read more »

Our Resident White Lady/ Dead Collector

Posted 10 months ago by Jill Bawar under Ghosts & Spirits

The people in our barangay has been wondering why jeepneys passing in our house would stop but no one gets down. The mystery was solved when the drivers recounted their weird experiences when the stop in front of the house. A lady in white would ride going to our town ...   read more »

Our haunted funeral house and more scary stories

Posted 10 months ago by Jill Bawar under Ghosts & Spirits

If you have read my first story... I have mentioned that our home is actually a funeral parlor. We have been in business for 60 years so you would wonder how many paranormal experiences we had at home. I am not sure if I have gift of sight as I started ...   read more »