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A House to good to be true

Posted 3 years ago by John Moutter under Ghosts & Spirits

Ok I tried to tell this story once before a few years ago, and it came out all wrong. It was the first time I had ever tried to get across the worst of what happened. But last year this occurred, ...   read more »

Workplace Ghost!

Posted 3 years ago by Nelly C under Ghosts & Spirits

In 2007 I worked in a Mansion House, as a Receptionist/Admin Worker.

The place was built in the 1800s and has over 20 rooms and is now used for meetings and conferences for the Mayor.

After 2 weeks working there i was told the place is APPARENTLY Haunted, many many people have ...   read more »

scary man

Posted 3 years ago by Laura Wallace under Ghosts & Spirits

It first started the third night we had moved into our flat. My 2yr old son woke up bout 6.30am screaming and shaking, totally terrified. He was staring through the gap in my living room door in to my 2 daughters bedroom with wide eyes saying lady over and over again. ...   read more »

The Lady in the Garden

Posted 3 years ago by Charlotte Kerr under Ghosts & Spirits

I was at my aunt's house in Nottingham, UK visiting with other family members. Me and my cousin Michelle witnessed this at the time.

Me and Michelle were sat in the back room of the house eating spaghetti bolognese. This room had sliding glass patio doors which led into the ...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Johanna Stewart under Ghosts & Spirits

When I was 12, I was trying to get to sleep (I had really bad insomnia back then). and I suddenly heard someone call my name quietly. It was about 3am.
I thought it was my sister. But she was sound asleep. I finally went to sleep.
When I woke up ...   read more »

The Monk

Posted 3 years ago by Pagan Tordengrav under Ghosts & Spirits

In 1969 I experienced my first paranormal event - I was just 7.

Mum and Dad and my brother and I lived in a large house. I was literally terrified of the dark as a child.

Mum always left the landing light on and I felt safe. One night I woke up ...   read more »