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Well that killed the mood

Posted 2 months ago by Tiffany Amburgey under Ghosts & Spirits

My whole childhood I’ve experienced the paranormal. This would have to come in at one of my top 5.
It was summer time, i just moved out with my fiancé to our first place together (trailer). Later on we decided to add a new member to the family, her name ...   read more »

The Ghost's In My Basement

Posted 1 year ago by Joel Klein under Ghosts & Spirits

I have always been afriad of our basement when I was little. I would feel like I was not alone and something was watching me.
When I was in high school I had a friend (I call her M to protect her privacy.) M and me were in the basement ...   read more »

Waltzing In The Moonlight

Posted 1 year ago by Choir Loft under Ghosts & Spirits

[Author's note:] The following story is based upon true reports of ethereal experiences in upstate New York and New England gathered from various sources dating more than one hundred years past. Rather than presenting them as individual non-related accounts, I have integrated them into a cohesive story for a more ...   read more »

More about my moms house

Posted 1 year ago by Nicole Class under Ghosts & Spirits

I did a short story about my moms house last year but I wanted to add more about it. My sister, various friends and guests and myself have all seen or felt something. Everything from red eyes in the computer room to seeing what they thought was a person when ...   read more »

My moms house acting up again

Posted 1 year ago by Nicole Class under Ghosts & Spirits

I left my boyfriend's trailor back in October and have been staying at my moms again. Because I dont have a room Ive been sleeping on the couch at night. I always have to have the tv on or a radio in order to fall asleep. Its been this way ...   read more »

Random Spirts of Insanity

Posted 2 years ago by Corpse Ghost under Ghosts & Spirits

Usually, I don't know why, but sometimes I feel different. Almost like I am being possessed, but I am very well aware of what I am doing. It could be influenced by the things I do or watch on YouTube or TV, but usually it is not. I will tell ...   read more »