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Guardian Angel?

Posted 3 months ago by Dalila Zamora under Mysteries & Unexplained

I can only hope this was someone who was looking after my granddaughter's...One evening my daughter and I left to our neighborhood Walmart to pickup a few items needed. We left my husband watching them sound asleep in their bedroom. My daughter decided to leave a recording device un ...   read more »

Slap attack

Posted 2 years ago by Dalila Zamora under Poltergeist

One early evening my daughter and I decided to leave for a shopping spree to walk off our heavy dinner we ate. My husband was left home alone for he was feeling bad about a childhood friend whom had passed. He wasn't able to make the memorial their family had ...   read more »

Strong Poltergeist

Posted 3 years ago by Dalila Zamora under Poltergeist

Have many unexplained phenomena occurances happened here in my residence all true stories, no joke. So here goes again, late one night while sleeping in bed I awoke to a loud thump. I jumped out of bed and darted to the hallway toward my daughters bedroom where she , her husband, ...   read more »


Posted 3 years ago by Dalila Zamora under Ghosts & Spirits

Well, as most stories starts out, it happened one night. The late evening when everyone is asleep, except for my newborn grand daughter who happened to have colic complications. Being the kind of Grandma that I am, decided to wake up and give my hardworking daughter a break and tend ...   read more »