3 Demons I Will Never Get Rid Of

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All this actually happened in Irving, Texas in the year 1983. I swear on my own life even up til now since I was 6 yrs. old I have been tortured all my life by these demons. As clear as if it was yesterday I can recall being slapped around in front of my friends and teachers on play ground when it was recess time even in my class room; The intensity of own home too as well.

I remember for one month after getting home from school I always enjoyed swinging on hand made swing that was just a few steps from the front door. On this particular day at school I remember hanging on the monkey bars as I felt two pairs of arms yanking me so hard that I fell face first and chest down very hard onto the solid dirt floor as I heard two voices each voice was a hard high pitched evil malevolent laughs laughing at me as a teacher came running to pick me up as I felt something running out of my nose (a bloody nose) a teachers aide took me to the nurse's office as I cried my way there.

Much to my shock I stayed in there until my mom came to get me. As we got home (apartment) my mom cleaned me up and changed into freshly clean clothes. We came back outside as I rushed to the swing and started swinging it was only 45 minutes until I heard that evil laugh again and it came from over my head; I tried to slow down my swinging so I can get off the swing as I looked at my mom she was reading a letter from the nurse I felt this tug on the swing cause remember my back was towards the cemented stairs an looking up towards the tree I saw what seemed like a black mist the shape of a snake slithering towards the rope of the tree its tongue was a blade of some sort as I tried calling for my mom it hissed at me then it cut the rope with shwoooshing sound I flew backwards and hit the stair head first as I fell to the ground I heard my mom running towards me as I can hear her crying and picking me up and rushed me back into our apartment as I cried uncontrollably at the pain I was in as my mom called the ambulance.

By the time they got there I was unconscious as they rushed me to the hospital. By the time I came too it was a month later as I grew a fever (pneumonia) I was sick as I came too (for two years straight). During the time I was sick I was in another dimension. Note here: my parents were strong believers in the Mormon church yet at that time I was stick sick I saw myself beinging chased by werewolves. It's quite odd but I have seem to remember that these dreams has haunted me through out my childhood life and even up til now.


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Jules Zaragoza
Your story is really disturbing. I can't imagine being tormented by such evil entities. Good luck.

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Daniel Dumas
Yeah I agree @Jules, that is really crazy! horror

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Mikkaela Green
This is very creepy and yeah disturbing! have you ever talked to a some kind of medium and asked why these things or why these demons are close to you? I read your other stories and it looks they're near you all the time hmmm

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Matthew Dennis
hey, add me and talk to me.

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