Old Lady's Curse

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This happened in Russia. To my older sister. I apologize for any mistakes i make because English isnt my first language (:My sister was working as a nurse in one of the local hospitals. She had a night shift that day. Most of the time she was spending at one of those so-called procedure rooms (she had to be there "on-duty" in case patients come and ask for anything etc). It was about 2 am, She was sitting on the chair and just "chilling", since it was slow, listening to the music on the radio. Then all of the sudden door opens and this old lady walks in, my sister thought it was one of the patients and that she needed something. Lady was old, long white hair, but my sister couldnt really see her face, it was blurry. Music on the radio completely stops. Then this lady literaily floated towards my sis and sat down on the chair next to hers. She took her hand in hers and started telling my sister that "Everything will be alright with your mother". Mom had cancer that time. Then she said that she is going to make an injection amd make my sister sleep. Doctors found my sister next day lying on the floor unconsious. Then my sister started having non-stop nightmares and just behaving weirdly. One day my gf comes over and we all sit in the kitchen, having tea and chatting. Then my sis gets up and says she has to go to sleep cuz she gotta get up early. so she leaves and 10 min after we go to sleep too. We all decided to sleep on one big bed (well, mostly because thats the only bed we had! haha) . So i sleep in the middle turning back to my sister and facing my gf and we just still dont sleep and talk. Then i get this weird feeling that something isnt right. i feel no breathing, no movement behind me. I turn around to my sister and call her name. She doesnt respond. I repeat multiple times. Then i touch herNext day i asked what was all that about and she was like what are u talking about. She only said what happened couple days later. Dunno why. All the time when me and my gf were trying to wake her up- she saw us and her body from above. There was that old lady at her feet and my sister said she was choking her with her unusually long hands. Then blank, she doesnt remember the rest. Freaky.Then she is having this dream. She is walking down the path and that old lady is walking next to her and gives her some big super heavy ball and tells her "u will be carying this ball all your life". Sorta, ur life will be tough, ill make it tough kinda way. My sister asked her who she was and that lady said her name (i dont want to say it, or something can happen. unfortunately i tried once), that she died in 1975 in that hospital where my sis works. She tortured my sister for a while with her visits and then after visit to church and a "special" person, it stopped.


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