Well that killed the mood

Posted 7 months ago by Tiffany Amburgey under Ghosts & Spirits

My whole childhood I’ve experienced the paranormal. This would have to come in at one of my top 5.It was summer time, i just moved out with my fiancé to our first place together (trailer). Later on we decided to add a new member to the family, her name was Nova. She was a 2 year old pitbull/Dalmatian mix. One night we got ready for bed and Nova was in the room with us. We didn’t shut our door all the way, just cracked it open a little. While my fiancé got “down and dirty” all the sudden the door flung open and hit the door then slowly went back to the way it was... cracked open. I froze as I was facing her. I didn’t want to turn around.. but I looked on the side of our bed and our dog looked up at me. She’s been laying there the entire time! It felt like my heart has stopped beating for a brief moment. Maybe it wasn’t a ghost? It was very creepy and unusual though.


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