A piece of my six years of a living nightmare... Part 2

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

I could not sleep, I was afraid of whatever made these weird stuff. “Maybe it could even kill me, or worse, maybe it could even hurt my family, and I would be powerless against it...“ My thoughts circled around in my head, in a chaotic storm. Around midnight I was mentally tired and fell asleep... A very realistic nightmare begun before my eyes as a movie... Three dark figures appeared in our house, when we had breakfast, they were evil, I knew that. Surprisingly my father thought they are some friends of his, from his childhood. He invited them to have breakfast with us. Then they killed my mother, by stabbing her. She was bleeding to death... Meanwhile they did the same to my father. Then, the invaders ripped our hearts out, and were laughing in my face. Then I wake up, I'm soaked from all the sweat... I was gasping for air...




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