A piece of my six years of a living nightmare... Part 4

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

For a few weeks, nothing interesting, or frightening happened. Life started to become “normal“ again, and just when I thought, that its gonna stay that way... Well I was wrong... Monday, this week my class has the afternoon shift. That means school is over at 18:45, and I probably arrive home around 19:15. As usually, classes were boring, except for gymnastics, hungarian, english, and history. When the final class was over, I thought: “Finally... Lets go home!“ As I stepped out on the street, I noticed, that the wind was crazy, it was blowing leaves off from the nearby trees. As I took the second step I felt free... One of my friends passed by me, and said: “Don't forget, Saturday, 8 pm!““I wont! See ya!“ I said, and begun my journey home, that was about to become hell, but I didn't know that, until the street lights started flickering. On-off-on-off-on-off. And they stayed off. Surprisingly there was nobody in the street, not even a car, a dog, or a cat...My guts told me, something is wrong, get the f**k out of here! I could not move, something caught my attention, in the darkness, and I wanted to know what. There was nothing in the dark, so after a few more seconds, that felt like eternity, I continued walking through the street. Silence was everywhere, along with the darkness. The end of the street was still far... A minute later, I hear someone running, the steps got closer, so I turned around to see who, or what it was. When I turned, the steps stopped, and there was nothing but darkness, and silence all around. The houses were dark, everything was dark... A minute later I turned around again, so I can head home. In the same second someone again was running. I did not turn around again, instead decided, its best for all, if I do the same, run. I got close to the end of the dark street, and saw light coming from around the corner, a car was making its way towards the empty, dark street, when the driver turned, and the car lights lit up the dark street, I turned around to see if there is something there.


  • Danny Smith
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