A piece of my six years of a living nightmare... Part 6

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

It was still there, although the cars light was now so far, that I barley saw it(the reflector lights). I knew it, I felt it, it was standing there, in its own domain, darkness... watching me... I thought, its probably thinking about how many ways it can scare, or hurt me... I was still standing there on the corner, between two different streets, one entirely dark, and seemingly dead, and one that still had some light. In that moment, it felt like I was standing on the border of two different worlds... Seconds, that were as long as eternity, were slowly passing, and I still couldn't move, though I knew, that running away will probably not solve this situation, but hell... it was better than standing there, waiting. After about a minute or two, I could finally get my body to obey my mind, and once again, start running... The wind was still blowing like crazy... “Run, damn it! What the bloody hell are you waiting for?! Run!“I thought to my self when it caught up with me. The street lights were flickering as we passed by... When I got to the corner of the street, I almost ran in to a police officer. He asked: “Whats the rush?“ I did not answer, and there was no need to. I knew that after a look on the officers face, after he looked in the direction I came from... I turned around to see if its still there, and I saw as it just disappeared, like it never existed. The officer asked: “Was that thing chasing you?...“ I could barely catch my breath, so I was just nodding, and breathing heavily. Seconds, pass by and finally I can squeez out a ‘yes‘...




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