A Walk With Darkness

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Currently I live next door to my parents in the house I grew up in. I live in the quieter part of town back in the trees on some dirt road made of steep hills and winding curves, with a lack of streetlamps and traffic.Up and over a hill and down the winding road you'll find Calvary Cemetery.Last year, a couple weeks before Halloween, Hope and I decided to go for a walk late one night.Due to my obsession of all things paranormal and creepy, and my love for cemeteries, I insisted on walking past the cemetery by my house. Hope agreed and we were soon walking into the darkness.After a while we rounded a corner and we could see the property across the street from the cemetery.On this property there is a house, a stretch of backyard, two sheds side by side with a small gap between, and the rest of the property is a small cornfield.As we neared the sheds I could see a shadow person standing in the gap between, almost waving at us.Assuming I was imagining it, I commented to my friend about how much I love seeing things that aren't there. I then tell her what I had seen, and she explained when we were further up the road she had seen a shadow person walking between the two sheds, but didn't want to mention it.Excited, as I always am when someone witnesses something paranormal that I have, we continued our way down the road.Hope had never been to the cemetery before, so she had no idea where the property line started, and couldn't see it due to the cloak of trees.As soon as we stepped on the road next to Calvary she became uneasy.She could already feel the negative energy, which at that moment was on the other side of the cemetery and slowly getting closer.Coming to an agreement, Hope walked by the cornfield and I walked by the cemetery.As we're walking, I can see and feel the negative energy following us, watching us behind the trees.Suddenly, in the cornfield, we hear a cornstalk break, that distinctive sound of a boot bending and snapping the stalk to the ground. As someone who has grown up living next to a cornfield and helping my papa with his, I know that sound very well.Hope and I cease movement, as do the things in the cemetery and cornfield.They were keeping pace with us, only walking when we did, only making noise when the sound of gravel crunching under our feet could mask it.At first I believed I was being paranoid, that the extra footsteps we heard were somehow just an echo of our own, but I needed to test the theory. I made a move, as if to start walking again.Without either of us walking, the footsteps started up again.Quickly we started walking again, feeling the energy of the cornfield getting closer with every step we took, hearing gravel now skidding across the road behind us.Once past the property line of the cemetery, they no longer followed us, they just watched us from the shadows, burning holes into the back of our skulls. Now refusing to walk back the way we came, we headed towards the main road and headed back to my house.When we finally reached the dirt road, Hope mentions how she could hear a train, however she looked in the opposite direction of where the train tracks by my house actually are.Asking her to point to where she heard the train, I watched as her finger motioned back through the trees, right towards the cemetery.The toy train my friend Alex and I had found years before was going off, calling us back to the cemetery with the sound of a faint whistle.


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