Along With The 6 ghosts or demon friends THE 3 DEMONS TOOK OVER

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Summer time was just around the corner and also knowing that we were gonna move again. During the second week until school was out for the summer I was beinging the butt of every joke and being teased and bullied too. It really didn't get to me cause I was excited that I don't have to take it any more. It was a thursday that I befriended by a sixth grader. I had know idea that he was popular, that's when I stopped playing with my friends (ghosts or demons). On this particular thursday after lunch I played with him until his class had to go in early. All my friends showed up and we played together. Turns out they were picking on me. I was being tossed around by them. I noticed the kids and teachers were trying to help me. Remembering that I was beinging dragged by my t-shirt from one end of the monkey bars all the way to the end of the water fountains to where I could feel a hand grabbing hold of my head and banging my head into the pipes then I blacked out completely until I woke up in the nurse's office. The principal took me and my brothers home, he talked with my dad before he left for work. That night it was only me and my older sister Monalisa.

My older brother and his wife left to go stay for a while at the hospital. My two younger brothers left with my uncle Dan. Between the hours of 8 p.m. & 4 a.m. my sister an I kept hearing things being thrown around in the kitchen, then we heard it again 35 minutes later it was in our parents room knocking everything off of their dresser, another 35 minutes later it was in the bathroom that's close to our room as i got really frightened an cried my sister was holding me trying to comfort me, then all of a sudden it banged on our door as we heard scratches on the door as my sister pushed the dresser drawer against the door. My sister sat in front of the dresser pushing it back against the door, She looked at me knowing that i was really scared. She put up both arms as ran straight into her arms an held on tightly. We heard it knocking over all the pictures off of the wall. I moved in to our livingroom as we heard gr owling from the other side of the wall


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Ryan Moore

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Danny Smith
This sounds dangerous... You gotta call someone to cleanse the house... and some prayers could be helpful.(Thats how I got rid of the demon haunting me.)

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Glad you are both safe, It could have been a Possum or other animal that got in the house.
BUT lets say it's NOT.
Has this happened again? Has anyone else seen or heard anything in the home this happened in? Did it leave scratch marks?
Could anyone else see anything touching you at school when this happened?
Or were you being bullied by other kids, Not clear on that part?
Have you moved to the new place? Is that where you're talking about this happening in? How old are you and your sister?
Are things happening to you outside the home? Is this happening to you presently? ( YOU gave no timeline )? Or is this a past experience? If it's recent,
1) Tell your Guardians EVERYTHING straight away, If they don't believe you, Go talk to your local Priest.
2) I recommend YOU put Salt YES Salt in an unbroken line along your doorway and window sill, Each night.
It has been used for decades as a natural WARED against the supernatural.
3) If you are religious, EVEN if your not, Get someone from your local Church to come bless YOU ALL, Plus the home this is happening in and cleans it of evil.
Keep us informed if you can, stay safe all the best for the future.

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Tuavevea Tauveli
This all happened the first house we moved into when we moved from Texas to Arizona.

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