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This happened when I was still very young. according to my mom, my dad had a younger sister that passed away a year or two before I was born. but why do we know her, even her nickname was a big question to m,y mom back then.It happened when I was still very small(a toddler to be precise). Me and my nephew had a small playroom back in our old house in our province in mindanao. During the afternoon, my sister(my nephew's mom) leaves us there, while mama and her cleans the house.But one unusual afternoon, while they were listening to us, they heard us say"shhh.. don't be noisy auntie Nene will get mad"

So they were curious and ask us,"who is auntie Nene?"

We answered, "she is our sister, she lives behind the door"(and there is a small vacant room behind a small door)they keep om asking who this "Auntie Nene" was and ask us what she was saying to us."she told us to fix our things and sleep, she said she'll come back later and play with us again." was our answer.

This became a big question mark to my mama and sister for how many days until they've open the topic to my dad one night."ahh Nene is the nickname of my youngest sister" was my dad's answer."she was the one who died 2 years ago, remember?"


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    E V
    Children are very open to the spirit world, I think it is kind of sweet of your unt to play with you at that age, I think she just wanted to spend so time with you while she could :)
    Thanks for sharing with us,
    Stay safe all the best.

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