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Well, as most stories starts out, it happened one night. The late evening when everyone is asleep, except for my newborn grand daughter who happened to have colic complications. Being the kind of Grandma that I am, decided to wake up and give my hardworking daughter a break and tend to her needs. As I reached in her crib changed her as usual and away to the living room area to rock her to sleep. As it was I had been with her for about an hour in my arms sitting on the couch silently we both were sleepy, so as I was to get up off the couch. I heard the sound of a little girls giggle behind me towards the back of our couch. Then I heard it once more, I froze with terror and again heard the sound very clearly, at that point I turned and saw nothing. Now mind you, no Television on no one was up but myself. I have lived in an area where a Cemetery is very close by. The time was in the wee hours of 3 to 4 a.m. so the time slot was pretty dark still. Our home has witnessed various phenomenon situations, too many to tell, but I will say this much. I'm an avid Doll collector, so with that in mind I could only imagine a little girl spirit wanting to enjoy them.


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Lisa Hudon
omg, dolls absolutely scare me to death. its like your looking at people with NO SOULS. waiting to be inhibited.
beautiful, but scary....

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Daniel Dumas
"so with that in mind I could only imagine a little girl spirit wanting to enjoy them" OR maybe it was one of your dolls! waaaaaahh horror

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Lisa Hudon
yes, i have seen the Ghost Adventures Team use dolls and stuffed toys to lure spirit. Many times they have had what appears to be success. One just never know with those type of shows... That is the only one i will watch too. All the others seem so fake and cheesy. Have you seen that program Daniel or Dalila? Pretty name my the way....

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nicole class
you have a lot of dolls? i was told years ago that if you have a lot of dolls around that they can become "haunted" like lisa said they are people without souls... and hearing about a possible ghost child, ive seen many shows where they werent actually children but something evil. no one would suspect a child so it can do whatever it wants.

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Theresa Greer
Dolls scare me too. That story was creepy. Was it a little girl spirit or something else trying to pose as a little girl spirit? horror

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nicole class
i always believe ghost children are never really ghost children but something or someone evil, probably why hollywood likes to use scary children in horror movies lol.

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Lisa Hudon
yes Nicole, children are innocent. they are the best decoys to use. sad, but true. I don't know how to define why it is sour spirits do when they use children, other than evil manipulation. like in life, these spirits don't have the strength to face themselves, they pick on others that are weaker to do their dirty work. its scary. Some Hollywood actors have seen weird things happen on set of scary movies, cant remember the last couple of interviews, but it was so funny to watch them squirm. so naïve. I bet some of those actors have some level of possession going on.... no bloody doubt in my mind. wow, anywho, touched a nerve take care big smile

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Angelina Alvarado
Too Scary for words as I am reading this story and comments at 11:42 p.m. - I doubt I will get any sleep tonight! Dolls scare the beejesus out of me - and I will never purchase them again! Great Story - Glad that situation did not happen to me! shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

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