Dalaw (The Visit)

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This experience happened when I was around 7 or 8 years old.

As far as i remember, this is my first ghost experience (Although I did not exactly see the ghost, but I heard him.. so i think that counts :))

I think the Month that time (when this experience happened, but im not exactly sure) was October - the month before November (HAHA!), what I mean is, before, when October steps in, I'm starting to get frightened, I don't exactly know the reason, but I think it's because Halloween is approaching? Hmm.. Maybe, plus i get frightened more because of the stories and urban legends circulating around our place specially before Halloween.

When i say Halloween, it's not actually the night of the 31st of October, we as kids before just got used to saying "Halloween", but what we actually meant was the All Souls/Saints Day which is November 1 and 2. so there ya go.

Okay so back to the story... (the real starting point of the story haha)

I got home late one night, I went out with my friends, back then i usually get home late around 1 or 2am sometimes, but that night was different, I felt scared for no reason, I didn't hear any ghost or scary stories that day (which usually sets me to be afraid haha)

So I went home and and went straight to bed. I covered my self with a blanket (haha!), then tried to sleep facing the ground (I used to sleep facing the ground as a kid)..

tick, tock, tick.. tock.. tick... tock..

5 minutes..had passed..

tick, tock, tick.. tock.. tick... tock..

10 minutes.. had passed..

tick, tock, tick.. tock.. tick... tock..

15 minutes.. had passed, arggg.. but I still can't sleep.

Then suddenly, I felt it was getting cold, it was getting real cold... (like you know, you are in the fridge? haha!), but seriously, it's getting freaking scary cold that time.. then i heard..

Arrr.. errr..

(a sound of a creaking door in slow motion, just like when you roll an 'R' when you throat speak, yeah like the one in the movie The Grudge)

F*ck, I'm getting really scared that time, then all of a sudden, i heard someone speak in a LOUD DEEP BASS sound voice.. saying..




Pong is my nickname.

I felt all the hair in my body standing on end, or should i just say Goose bumps Level 100.

I was thinking of standing and running that time, but i didn't do it. I thought maybe that ghost was in front of me when i remove the blanket covering me (I am still covered in blanket that time haha!)

I was so afraid, but i just prayed and waited.. waited for my grandfather to get up, he usually gets up at around 4am because he was selling "Almusal" (Breakfast) in the morning before.

I told my Mom about it when she got home from work, she was working night-shift when this happened, and she told me maybe it was my Lolo (my other grandfather) who died in a sea accident.

I can still remember the deep low sound of his voice until now that I am 26.


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Lisa Hudon
funny Daniel. why is your kick Pong?

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Lisa Hudon

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Daniel Dumas
Thanks Lisa! big smile that nickname was given to me by the aunt of my father when I was still an infant, she used to call me that name so everyone adapts it and calls me using that name, Pong is the name of her favorite comic book character hehe

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Lisa Hudon
big smile

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OJesvi singh
Haha pong ..!!!...... was a cute n a bit scary for the kids at that age .......nice haha big smile.

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