Dancing with my Demon

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Even night since the 9th of this month until the 20th I always think of my happy place to go to when I always get ready for bed.

Note : Since the age 13 til 24 I made living from my own home teaching as a dance teacher; Doing (teaching) all the basic moves to polynesian dancing and also Ball room dancing as well ( my mom and aunt taught me and my eldest sister) since we started to learn how to walk.

On with my story I meant my dream:

As a nightly routine I was really looking forward to night of dreaming into a tango. Might I remind you that this I thought that was just a dream to me until I pulled it back into our world where this demon is now free and still following me. In my dream everything was as beautiful the dance floor was absolutely breath taking. I saw my dancing partner walking towards me as he held out a hand I took his hand as I joined him when the music started. It was my old partner we were an awesome team and we kept on dancing as the tango music ended the sound of the Rumba music started as I felt my partners hands grab me by the arm and the other hand on my waist. Knowing that he knows I love dancing to the Rumba. With my eyes closed I danced the forbidden dance as I felt his hands of which caressing me as his hands felt icy cold and we kept dancing to the Rumba with his arms around my waist as insisted he lifted me up face to face as I opened my eyes to reach around the back of his neck it was the demon I was dancing with the whole time. Instead he wore cloak a hooded cloak. His eyes were red, a face with only two red eyes that grew bigger inches at least seven inches in width and horizontal. Still in his arms I tried to break free from his grasp as this demon leaned into me up trying to read my thoughts as I awoke to my alarm clock sound off. Yelling at the top of my lungs as my mom came bursting into my room with my brother trying to calm me down as I was still in a hectic state of mind til my brother cursed out loud and saying a prayer as I opened my eyes crying as ( my brother) he held onto me crying himself. It was like this every morning until my mom and I told him about my gifts and how long it has been with me my whole life.


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