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Before I go into detail of this story, I want to recap what had happened to my brother, Paul, decades ago. A long time ago when Paul was only 9 years old, he was the victim of a demon or evil spirit that kept on bothering him every night. Ultimately, the entity started scratching him, causing Paul to become deathly ill. Our solution was to move out of the house and purify his soul by Shamans. Note, the said entity did not come willingly; as kids, we may have provoked such summoning by playing with fire when we shouldn't have, which in the end, Paul became the victim.

If you feel confused or lost from what I am telling you, feel free to familiarize yourself with Paul's original story under the Demons category, entitled "Do you have an itch?", information about the summoning can be found under the OTHERS category, in the story called "Myth Buster" within the short story entitled, "Mirrors" before continuing on:

(Paul is now 35 years old, married, and has two sons. The older son is called Zavier, and his younger brother is called Cory; their favorite past time activity is to lay out all their toys on their bed and play on it. Zavier and Cory sleeps in the same bed; Zavier is 6 years old, and Corry is 4.)

On May 22, 2015, Zavier was in his room playing with his toys. As usual, he made lots of noises, from the sounds of engine roaring to the dialogues of toys talking to each other; this usually attracted Cory and he would soon come and join in on the fun. However, on this particular afternoon, Cory did not attend Zavier's play session as he was sound asleep on the couch in the living room; Paul and his wife were with Cory and watching a movie on the big screen TV. As Zavier played loudly on his bed, there was a knock on his door. He stopped what he was doing and asked, "who is it?" No one responded. Two more knocks followed afterwards with no responses. Zavier called out loudly, "the door's not lock, you can come in!" When nothing happened, Zavier blew it off as if it was just Cory messing around with him and continued to play. Suddenly, the door swung open- Paul and his wife Trisha, still in the living room enjoying their video, when they started hearing Zavier screaming at the top of his lungs. Both parent ran to the aid of Zavier, only to find him under his blanket, shivering, and crying softly underneath his sheet. It was obvious that something must have scared him. All his toys were arranged neatly on the floor; the parents started to calm Zavier down and asked him what had happened. Zavier never gave them an answer, he just kept on crying (the problem with this is that this is actually a typical behavior of Zavier; he has the tendency of crying and never explaining anything to anyone). Paul assumed Zavier probably watched something scary on his tablet again (in the past, Zavier has screamed like this from watching those videos where viewers are encouraged to engage closely to the screen, then suddenly a ghost pops up and screams, scarring the sh*t out of you), so he carried Zavier to the living room. When they got to the living room, Cory was still sleeping, but he was no longer on the sofa, instead, he was sleeping on the ground in front of the closet; the door was fully open. Trisha catches up to Paul and asks why Cory was sleeping there. Instead of scarring Trisha, Paul made up an excuse that Cory was tired and decided to sleep there. Thinking nothing of it, Trisha resumed the video and continued to cradle Zavier; Paul knew something was odd and unfitting- he knew Cory did not get up and lay in front of the closet (Cory always sleeps on his blanket), it was obvious that Cory and the blanket had been pulled towards the closet, and what was most odd was, the closet was not open when they ran passed it earlier to get to Zavier.

Two weeks later, Zavier is playing again in his room by himself. He has forgotten all about his earlier incident, and bravely playing by himself on the bed. He hears the sliding door to his closet shifts to the right; Zavier stops playing and observes the situation. After nothing happens, he calls out, "Cory, are you there? You're hiding in the closet, I know it. I can see you from here. If you want to play, come and play." Cory answered from within the closet, "Hey Zavier, I found something in here, come and take a look. Come on, see what I found." Zavier jumped out of his bed and slides the closet door open. Paul decides to check up on Zavier to see how he was doing; he was worried because the sound of playing had stopped. Paul opens the door and finds Zavier throwing clothes on the ground everywhere in front of the closet. "Zavier, what are you doing?" "Daddy, Cory found something. He said it was in here, but I can't find it. Cory where is it?" Just then, Cory peeked out from behind Paul and asked, "Zavier, what are you doing? I want to play too!" At that moment, Zavier stopped digging through his clothes and ran towards Paul. He started crying, and soon, the shivering took over his body. Paul had enough and demanded Zavier to tell him what he was doing. Zavier responded, "I heard Cory from inside the closet; he told me he found something, so that's why I was looking for it" (his crying grows louder as he realizes that Cory was with his father this whole time).

After this last incident, Zavier refuses to be left alone. All activity required someone to be with him at all times, even when he's using the restroom. Tired, Paul decided he would ask my mother to look into this. My mother agreed, and so we went over to Paul's place to perform a candle sight seeing ritual.

June 23rd, 2015.The candle ritual revealed that there is indeed an entity in their house. Initially, what visited Zavier was a ghost, whom was filled with grudge and hate. She pounced on the door to make sure to be let in, and as Zavier allowed her entry, she came in and perhaps scared the life out of Zavier. While Zavier hid under the blankets, she let herself into their closet and hid within. Paul asked why the toys were so neatly aligned and organized on the floor; the candle revealed it was organized to attract someone else. (Usually, when the brothers finish playing their toys, they neatly organize it and store it back into the closet). Paul's second question was to find why Cory was sleeping in front of the closet. My mother could not answer this question; she required that Cory be seated down so she can palpate his pulse. Paul agreed and placed Cory down on the seat and my mother continued. She closed her eyes for a minute being completely silent; she then opened her eyes and ask Paul to take off Cory's shirt. We did, and nothing was out of the ordinary, just then, Cory scratched his head. I quickly noticed that there was a slight dark spot under his fingernails. I alerted everyone and we observed his scalp. Cory's scalp was covered in scratches, while they were healed, some of the skin would break and get stuck under his nails when he scratch. No one realized it because his hair hid the scratches. Mother revealed that the ghost told her, she was here to take Cory away. She's been marking him for a week now and has started to become impatient. Mother revealed Zavier was not the target; Cory was. Zavier was just the person who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She also revealed that this ghost, was the same ghost that scratched Paul when he was a kid, but failed to take him away 20+ years ago...


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Matthew Dennis
damn dude.. I seriously hate that. what can you guys do?

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Cha Yang
I'm not sure anymore. My mother can't try to exorcist it again; unlike the living, the same trick never works twice. The previous Shaman that exorcist it 20+ years ago had passed away a month ago, and that's probably why it found its way back. I think what we need to do is not send it away, but allow it to rest in peace. Remember, it was our fault for summoning her to us, and that may have permanently prevented it from going to where it was supposed to go. There is a ritual called "releasing the spirit;" however, that one requires many people to perform. It involves sacrificing a pig and on top of it all, it's not cheap; those kind of ritual usually costs $1200 per spirit to be "released." The flaw to that ritual is, if we release it from whatever is holding it in this world, there's no guarantee that "it" will go willingly to where it is supposed to go. Once it is free, it can now do whatever and go where ever. While in our religion, we do have a way to guide the spirit to where it is supposed to go, we cannot do it in this case due to different religions. Yes, religion plays a big portion in the spirit world; if they have different religions, our Shamans can only rid the spirit but not guide it else where. Like I said, the first shaman already "rid" the spirit once, and now that it's back, we can't just simply "rid" the spirit again. Since I am not a Shaman, and never faced this kind of opposition before, I have no idea what to do. My mother is also at a lost and is currently seeking the aid of her sensei. Hopefully, by this weekend, we would have come up with something. Right now, the only protection the boys have is a small spell my mother has cast around our house, which Paul and his family is now temporarily residing. Mean while, I am residing at Paul's house with my wife and brother. And let me tell you, this b**** is seriously mad. Items are literally thrown across the room, white shadows are seen outside and banging on the windows to be let in (not sure where those came from, but apparently, "she" lead them here ), and it is just f**** scary as shit dude. Our job in the house right now is to not leave the home alone, if no one resides in the house, they automatically get a free pass to enter (how do you think house becomes haunted so easily?). So in other words, since the spirit is not after us, we're staying in there and letting Paul's family out of the house for now. I CAN"T handle it anymore though, haven't gotten any sleep for 2 days now, and I miss my baby girl!!! One way for sure that we know will work is, if Paul and his family convert to a different religion. However, that is not something we want at all, and it highly goes against our belief. If Paul does decide to convert, than my mother can no longer help him with anything spirit related at all, he'll have to go to the priests of the church- remember Lucy from this site? That was what she chose, she converted, and look where she ended up at. Our family plan to sit this one through together and find a way to RID this ghost! As Shamans, we can never go to a church and ask for a blessing; our religion is seen as the devil's work, while their religion is seen as an angel's relics- Yin and Yang, know what I mean? The religion are too different, they clash, and it will only cause.... sorry for my rant, just really need some sleep

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OJesvi singh
Ohh!! God that is really freaky scary....plz do tell us what ever happens next. ...I hope everything becomes good. ...
So just wanted to ask u that if u guys dont get any other way so do they(ur brothers family) hav to change there religion?..that was really scary
horror..take care

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Myah Green

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