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This story is not mine, it is the property of my older brother. I asked if he liked to place it on this forum but he chose not to, he said it would bring back too much memories remembering everything. However, he did tell me it was okay if I wanted to put it up on here so everyone can learn of our experience.

My brother is a unique person; all his life, he has always been like a magnet of some sort to the unseen forces. It doesn't matter where we move or where we live, he's always the center of paranormal activities.

My brother was only 9 years old when this event occurred. During this time, our parents had little money and so we lived in a 2 bedroom duplex. It was cramped, but we managed as best as we can. Not long after we moved in, unexplained scratches started appearing on my brother's arms. He remained quite and never said a word, but to us brothers, it was very apparent that the scratches happened every night and a new one would appear the next day. My mother thought it was just us kids rough housing, but I finally told my mother that some one was bullying him at night. My mother doesn't take too kindly to bullying, so she confronted him. He finally cave and told us what has been happening to him at night:

Day 7 in our new home-My brothers and I had just gotten home from school and my brother(the victim brother, Paul) ran quickly into our room. He wanted to be first in there so he can sneak up on us when we finally went in. He chose to hide in the closet. After several minutes, he claimed he saw a little old lady in the closet. She beckoned him to come closer to her, which scared him and he ran out of the closet crying to my mother.

Day 8 in our new home-(afternoon)After bathing together, Paul quickly ran into our room again and opened the door. He hid behind the door so he can jumped at us when we all walked in from the bathroom. However, as he was hiding behind the door, he claimed to see a pair of feet under his bed. The feet quickly disappeared under the bed, he got scared and ran out of the bed room.

Day 8 in our new home-(night)Night has fallen since his earlier incident, and we were all sleeping. Paul remained sitting up on his bed because he was too scare to go to sleep. I slept in the same bed as him and I was awakened by him several times in the middle of the night to play with him. It was obvious Paul did not want to go to sleep that night; however, my exhaustion took over me and I fell asleep. That night, Paul got sick.

Day 9 in our new home- Paul stayed home that day while everyone went to school. My parents went to work too, leaving a fragile kid behind. Paul told us that when he woke up, he heard someone cooking in the kitchen. He thought it was our mother, so he ran outside to meet her. Instead of our mom, he saw the same old lady there looking at him. She raised both her hands up to him- he remembered that she had really long fingernails. Suddenly, she laid out a really loud scream and chased him; Paul ran into the bathroom and locked the door. He claimed there was a lot of cursing and pounding at the door. Paul saw the windows and broke free from the house. When we got home that day, we met a crying Paul outside our house. He was still in his pajamas drenched in his own urine.

Day 10 in our new home-When my parents asked him why he locked himself outside of the house, he never told us. Paul just cried and cried until he fell asleep. Paul had become really sick so he didn't get out of bed. My mother stayed home that day, she was too worried of Paul's behavior. After an hour or so after she made breakfast, she turned to the hallway to wake up Paul, instead she found Paul already in the kitchen looking at her quietly. Mother asked Paul to never sneak up on mom again, she almost had a heart attack. Paul just cried and so mother comforted him. Know one knew, but Paul had already been scratched.

Day 11 in our new home- The family woke up to a crying Paul around 10:30pm. He kept covering his arms; when my mother tried to reveal his arms from his long sleeve shirt, he wouldn't allow her. He continued to cry and fell asleep by my side. Every time someone tried to remove his sleeves, he would cry and hold on to them really tight, so we all left him alone and went back to sleep.

Day 12 in our new home-Paul woke me up in the middle of the night. He told me that grandma was going to scratch me too if I keep on sleeping in grandma's place. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I went back to sleep. After an hour or so, I felt Paul jerked his feet towards my legs really hard, then Paul started to cry quietly. I had enough of Paul's abnormal behavior, the next day, I told my mother that Paul was being bullied.

Day 13 in our new home-After revealing how much scratches was on Paul's arms, we moved out of that house. We never went back to visit that house or near that property again. Paul has healed from all his scratches, but to this day, Paul claims he can still vividly remember her fingers creeping from under the side of the bed, one at a time and slowly piercing her nails deep into Paul's arm, then slowly pulling him under the bed which he resisted, resulting in her scratching him.


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I'm glad it stopped happening when you all moved, Some entities attach themselves to someone, Then you need the Church to help.
I'm interested in how many scratches he got each time Granny scratched him, 1,2,3 or more.
Being hurt by anyone person or ghost is BAD, Sorry he went thru that. I was Bullied as a kid as well,
In both regards.
3 Marks on the body each time she came to him is really BAD, IT'S Demonic, 3 is there number.
I'm glad you are all safe, all the best for the future.

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Cha Yang
Actually, he never told us how many scratches were made each time; it was more like we saw all the scratches at once. When I say scratch, its not small, its long and big. 3 long ones started at the top of his shoulder and stretched down to the front of his forearms. 3 on his sternum and stretched along his rib cage all the way to the spine. And finally, 3 long scratches from his buttock and stretching to his groin. If you think about it, as soon as Paul gets pierced, he feels the pain and his body being pulled under at the same time, so he turns away quickly to his side leaving scratches. After we moved, my mother had a shaman purified Paul's soul and body, perhaps that explains why Paul escaped her crutches. The shaman also told us how the initial attacks were made: The first piercing was to his sternum as Paul laid on his back. The second attack targeted Paul's buttocks, and finally his shoulder. Note that Paul changed his sleeping position every night, hoping that would dissolve his nightmare, poor kid.

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Daniel Dumas
That is crazy! good thing you left the house that time. horror

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Without the Shaman I don't think It would have stopped, She had already attached herself to him,
Before anything starts they need a way in, Calling Any Entity without the right protections in place FIRST is how they can get here,
Then they will go for the weakest spirited person they can find.
Any brakes in the skin in Any way before the visit, Cuts scratches that sort of thing is there way in to attach themselves to Anyone.
The groups of Three scratches, Is what I was talking about, BAD.
He was very lucky, The next stage is possession.
Take care all the best mate.

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Cha Yang
What do you guys think would happened if the ghost actually pulled him under the bed? Would he have been possessed? EV, you seemed to know a lot about violent spirits, what is your take on the question?

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Daniel Dumas
It would take over his body I guess horror

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YES, I think if she got him under the bed in the darkest place in the room, IT would have been the first attempt of Possession, Sometimes IT only takes one time.
The way of evil entities is to break the spirit of the individual by fear.
They will make you lose sleep get paranoid, Break you down day by day night by night until you just want it to stop.
At that point you almost ask them to do it just to make it end.
Some are stronger than others, To them the younger the easier, Most of the time.

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Danny Smith
Don't know if anyone here remembered, that Jesus is always there when you ask him to be... back to the case: as a nine year old kid, I think Paul didn't have to ask for protection directly... As I see it, if he was pulled under the bed, and “granny“ would attempt a possession she would most likely fail the first time... but consider this: I was not much older, when a demon decided to come after me. It never actually possessed me, but the attempts left a “never healing“ scar on my soul. I still to this day, sometimes have flashbacks, sleep paralysis, depression(though these are getting rare now.) So what would an attempt of possession do to a nine year old kid? I think that even if this harmful spirit would fail, Paul would have many of the aftereffects, that I have... And think about the possibility, if it would succeed in its attempt, then what? Exorcism? Yeah right... I mean, if your parents would have seen what happens when they try to exorcise a spirit, they would just make the priest stop, with the words: “stop hurting him“ but in reality the demon is the one causing pain, and it would just get more powerfull every second, fear, coming from the parents, and brothers of the victim... that would be heaven for it, and hell for you.

But all in all, I'm glad that it never managed to do this! I hope that you people will NEVER, EVER have to go through things like that. Scratch marks, most of the time: those are coming from demons, or very evil human spirits. So you were lucky.

Best wishes!

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Danny Smith
Oh, I have a stupid question, the answer is most likely yes, but still, I'd like if you would tell me what you think.

So demons for some reason are more active in three AM in the morning... is this related to most of the times them leaving three scratch marks? Like trying to make fun out of the holy trinity?

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Cha Yang
Thanks for your guys' input. For some reason, I thought the witch would've killed him. The thought of possession just never really come to my mind, especially when "they" are so scary and coming after you and hurting you in every way they can. Again, thanks guys.

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There is no such thing as a Stupid question mate, Questions are how we learn ;-)
Maybe YOU should be purified yourself as your brother was mate it may help.
Death comes in many forms, Not just the death of the body, It is about the mind and Spirit as well.
She may have killed him by scaring him to death and fed on that energy as well.
Most people think the Witching hour is 12am in my understanding of it, It is actually 3am.
Yes the aspect of the three is about the blasphemy of the holy trinity and their hatred of it, The father the son and the holy spirit.
There are different forms of Possession, It's not always like in the movies like the Exorcist, That depicts an Extreme case.
She may have been there to break him down for a more powerful entity, Hence the scratches making it easier to enter the body.
In some cases the entity will only have control in moments of high emotional situations, Once they are in the body.
In others when you are asleep and there is no mental awareness,
Or FULL possession when the entity has complete control of the body and mind,
It then holds the spiritual part of the individual in a part of the mind, or body,
It is a War of WILLS at that point, The entity's aim is to destroy the soul from within and take complete control of the body.

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Danny Smith
Thanks. :-D I see you have done your homework.

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Home work and personal experience,
That is for another time tho.
Hope I helped.
Stay safe all the best.

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Emily (Mimi) Robinson
-Grads nutella and hides in bed- Dude if there was a creepy old lady in my house I'm be grabbing my baseball bat and calling the police. As a kid I was always scared of something grabbing my feet and pulling me under the bed (I now always wear socks to bed). That is SUPER creepy X_x

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Matthew Dennis
dude, first give your brother a hug from me. i seriously can relate to this one. back when i was younger, i used to have night mares and just used to be scared of the house at night. i used to live in a big house, 3 bedroom, Long hall way, and a staircase that went downstairs to the finished basement. It basically felt like a 2 story. anyways, my bed room was at the end of the hall way. mine and my brother's bunk bed were facing the door which when opened looked all the way down the hall way. at the other end of the hall way to the left side was the stair case that led down stairs. down stairs is where my mom and dad would sleep. to the right was the living room which is always pitch black at night. Note, my grandmother lived with us, or rather we lived with her since it was her house. She Was still alive and her room was directly to the left of mine right after you step into the hall way. Sweetest loving lady you will ever meet. anyways, my deceased grandfather painted a picture of her and it hung in the pitch black living room. It was a really Quality picture. He was professional, did commercial stuff, so naturally its good. This is the painting, my grandmother, the smile was slight like it wasnt super obviously a smile, but it wasnt just a blank expression. the hair was black along with the back ground so you could barely make out the hair. Basically it was just a face at that point. This thing scared me, the picture. It was one of those paintings so well done that it just looked like it was looking at you no matter which angel you would see it. So naturally as a kid it just creeped me out and scared me. I stayed out of the living room at night for that reason lol. Background given and picture of house painted, no pun intended, heres the relational part. I used to have night mares regularly of my grandmother coming out of her room either standing in my door way looking in, or coming around my bunk bed, head Just as tall as my bunk, blank expression on her face, not even looking at me but would just stand there, or worse, you couldnt tell what she was going to do, no expression or anything, and just grab me. Scared the "sh**' out of me. she was still alive at the time so i knew it wasnt a spirit or anything similar, just the constant nightmare of super duper creepy old ladies and grabbing little kids freaked me out. now im good, not scared, hell i think its funny when you see little kids kick a stranger in the groin when some creeper is trying to grab them. plus i had a good relation with my grandmother in reality. i miss her.

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Cha Yang
Whew, for a minute there, I was expecting you had similar experiences as Paul; glad your experience was very passive.

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Matthew Dennis
still scared the sh** out of me lol

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Lucy Vang
Okay, this story... OMG. I'm too scared to read any more of your stories, but they're sooo good. I think you're the only author here who has posted so many stories, and they're all sooo good too- even if half the stories aren't even your own experiences.

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Cha Yang
Thank you, a person only has so much experiences in their life. Also, there's no rule here stating I can't post stories from other people, so I am currently hunting down stories from my relatives- no more ghost hunting for me, just stories!

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Lucy Vang
I think I am beginning to slowly understand what your brother went through. Do you know of any Shamans since you also live Sacramento?

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Cha Yang
I do, and my mother and father are shamans themselves. However, to summon them, do you know the proper etiquette of meeting shamans and what to bring? If so, do you have people who understand the language that can help you out during the shaman's ritual? Remember, during the rituals, shaman's travel into the spirit world, so they won't be able to perform the required activities; you need someone there who understands the language and familiar with the ways of Shaminism, or you'll end up putting the shaman and your whole family in even more danger. Since this is getting personal, PM me your response please.

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Lucy Vang
okay, will do.

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George Wallace
Oh my god... poor bastard.

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