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My daughter loves animals...of all sort. We even had pet snakes, fishes, love birds, pigeons, dogs, cats, talking mynas ( For those endangered species, I even had to go through legal papers for them.)But Figaro was special.

She was our neighbor's cat, but neglected. So we started feeding her and ask her owner if we can keep her. Of course, she said yes.

She was just a kitten. A very sweet one.. We even trained her not to go up the table, or make a mess in our house. She loves climbing up to me when I am sitting in our sofa, and also to my daughter's. She loves it when we hug or caress her.

In weekdays, we have to leave her. My daughter is only in Kindergarten and I have to go to work. She used to stay on a small shack beside our house whenever we are not around and waits for us in the afternoon.

Last Monday, March 16, Figaro was acting weird. She doesn't want to leave our bed. (She usually wakes my daughter every morning.) She didn't eat her food. She even followed us. We had to ask our neighbor to carry her back to our house, because she doesn't want to be left behind that day. I thought she just missed us.

We came home late, we had to buy some groceries. I actually felt weird that Figaro wasn't around. My daughter automatically looked for her. She came back sad, she said Figaro was dead. Her playmate said she accidentally drank a poisoned juice. One of our neighbors had chicken & chicks that was eaten by rats.

I went out to investigate, because I know Figaro doesn't like juice.

Her playmate's family told me the truth. They meant to lie to my daughter that it was an accident for her not to get mad.

The truth was: Figaro was hit by a big stick. She even tried going home to us. She died trying. It was the other neighbor(brother of the one who owns the chicken). He even boasted that he killed a cat! It made me mad, but stayed silent for my daughter not to know the truth. I almost cried when they told me the truth.

Maybe it was my imagination, because that night and the night after, I would feel Figaro jumping on the sofa. I even saw her on the corner of my eyes. When I was in the kitchen I would feel Figaro on my feet... My daughter even said that she had a dream , Figaro was playing with her and then she left. But before she left, she kissed her on the face. Even this morning, the door slightly opened, the way Figaro usually opens it.We miss her.


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Matthew Dennis
That is sad, upsetting as well. My best to you guys.

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SRY for the loss :(
That kid needs to be SMACKED with a stick, I can't stand animal cruelty, GGRRR

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Mary Monroe
I'm so sorry for your loss... loosing a pet is terrible but to loose her in such a way... I'm so sorry. But I truly believe our pets stick around, at least for a little while to let us know they're ok and to check on us when they really love us... she must have really loved you guys to come back and let you know she's okay now. red heart

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Daiz Bon
I saw her last night under the table, and this morning, in the sofa sad

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Mary Monroe
Maybe she's not ready to loose you guys yet either... I talked to my cat after she passed away... it good to let them know you love them and that its okay to move on when they're ready.

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Daiz Bon
I'll do that..honestly, it made me smile seeing her again...

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Mary Monroe
I know what ya mean... i felt the same way when my cat came back... i didn't get to see her but i felt her jump up on my bed and she left me a whisker.... I cried and told her i loved and missed her. she came back one more time but she's moved on now. I miss her all the time but I'm glad she's where she's supposed to be now and that she let me know she's ok :)

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Daiz Bon
sooner or later, i'll say good bye to her

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Jenn Sheahan
Sociopath Likes to kill animals = anti social personality disorder :(

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Elemental Fraction
cats will always come back. Mine lived to be 20, I still feel him on the bed at night and against my legs a lot. I put him to sleep around 2011, he was just too old.

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Cha Yang
If someone or something dies, I don't think I ever want them to come back. Dreams are fine with me, but actually seeing them walking around and feeling them would not be okay- it'll make me feel like I buried something in the old Indian burial ground. YIKES!

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Elemental Fraction
Cha Yang read Stephen Kings - Pet Cemetery exciting

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Cha Yang

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