Gotta love those kittens

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My bother and i were only 10 and 12 year old. Our new house, which still stands today, was only half built. We had company over to see our new digs, many kids and a few adults. Part of the days attraction was a litter of kittens we had in our bathroom. All day long it was non-stop, in and out of the bathroom to see the babies. By the end of the day my parents were so glad to see them leave, so chaotic.

Around mid night, or later...we all turned in. My brother and i were still wound up from the day so we just lay awake, trying to fall asleep.

Next thing we know, we are hearing a horrible banging in the hallway outside our bedroom. We both hang over our beds and look under the curtain door to see the bi-fold bathroom door slamming open and closed, what seemed like forever???

It finally stops. We than see our Mother come out of her bedroom in her long white gown, holding a long knife in her hand. Why she had a knife in her hand was not on my mind until much later....we call out to her " who is out there mom, are the kittens ok"?

She says" Go to sleep, there is no one here".

My brother and i look at each other, in disbelief, and run out into the hallway to investigate. All we see is the dog lying on the floor, by the bathroom, asleep? We are very confused.

The next day our mom just says there was no one hurting the kittens, i saw nothing. Don't worry about it.

That was our family's first shared paranormal experience. Many more followed...over the years.

Was it residual energy, poltergeist, or just a playful ghost?


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Cha Yang
You seem to be surrounded by lots of paranormal activity, scary!

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Lisa Hudon
only at my parents place, not so much here. thank goodness.

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Daniel Dumas
Maybe the ghosts or whatever it was or they are, would like to play to the kittens too amazed

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