Guardian Angel?

Posted 3 months ago by Dalila Zamora under Mysteries & Unexplained

I can only hope this was someone who was looking after my granddaughter's...One evening my daughter and I left to our neighborhood Walmart to pickup a few items needed. We left my husband watching them sound asleep in their bedroom. My daughter decided to leave a recording device un be known to my knowledge. We came home and she listened to the recording, it was a faint low voice of a man we didn't recognize recorded. Funny thing is the door to their bedroom was closed and just before the voice was heard you can hear my husband coughing lighgtly in the far background and the voice clearly say "Go to sleep".... we asked my husband if he had gotten up to check on them, his answer was no for he was watching his western channel he loves to watch. I didn't feel it was a demonic voice but a kind sincere voice in which hoping it was their guardian angel watching out for them.


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