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It all started on Febuary the 1st. I was collecting information about my family past for a school project. I went back to my great, great, great grandmother, Mimi. My great great auntie told me about Mimi's life as a child and then told me something tragic had happened to her little sister. She wouldn't tell me what, but I knew it was bad. I decided to leave my project there, but I was still curious. I fell asleep and dreamed that I was in a field with a little girl. I didn't notice her. We walked into a field together, and the girl ran off. I chased her, then heard a scream, then awoke in a cold sweat. I had this same dream every day until the 14th, and I was sure I was going mad.In my last dream about her, I found the little girl lying on the floor, blood gushing from her head and a branch on top of her. She didn't cry. She looked up at me and said, "Help me?"It turned out that's what actually happened. The little girl was only 5, and called Isla. She died from a head injury after a massive branch fell on her. Mimi found her sister dying, only whispering "Help me"


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    Cha Yang
    Ugk... you just gave me goosebumps

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    Daniel Dumas
    Err this gave me goosebumbs! very scary! horror

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