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This story is the sole reason why I no longer play Hide n' Seek ever since I was a young kid. If this story freaked you out, I don't blame you. I believe I was 7-8 years old during this occurrence.

It was very dark in the house as my brothers and I had purposely turned off all the lights in our 2-story house. We all met downstairs for our usual meet n' greet before going into our favorite hiding places. It was agreed that one of my younger brother would be the "It" person and would have to hunt us down.

As my brother turned around and faced the fridge counting down from 20, we all displaced the scene. I quickly ran up stairs and hid in my room under the blankets. Not long afterwards, I heard my younger brother yelling " Ready or not, here I come!" I was so excited; the blankets laid on the bed all curled up and messy like no one was on the bed, but in reality, I had practiced bending my body so it would camouflage with the curves of a messy blanket. After a minute or 2, I heard laughter and "booing" as most of the players had been spotted. I even heard footsteps of the "IT" person in the room where I was hiding, opening the closet, and checking under the beds. At one point, he even removed the blankets from the adjacent beds, but left mines alone since it looked vacant. Finally, he gave up and left the room with several of his captives.

I decided, it was about time for me to go before I too had been hunted. At that moment, I felt someone's presence in my room. I thought to myself, "wasn't I the only one in here? Maybe, someone is also hiding with me," right then, a dark figure slowly sneaked out the room. I decided to quickly get up and follow that player; "he's really good, if he stayed hidden this long too, then he must be as good as I am," I thought to myself, so I decided to follow him. Right when he got to the stairs, I noticed the lights downstairs were already turned on. I thought to myself, "wait, why are the lights turned on already? We don't do that until the game has ended? But there are still 2 of us hiding?"

The figure in front of me quickly made a right turn into the adjacent room. I ran up to him trying to catch up, but he made a quick crawl under the table. I caught up with him and hid in front of him under the same table ,but facing the door so I would had the chance to run off if the "IT" person came in leaving him for the "IT" person to catch. I was laughing inside as I was thinking of this plan, just then, I heard talking downstairs:"Hey, where's Brad? I can't find him. I found all you guys already, so where is he? Has anyone seen him?" questioned the "IT" person. Other familiar voices started to join in on the conversation and it seemed that, everyone had been captured, except me. Just then, I felt a cold sensation behind me.

I knew I had just heard all the players speaking downstairs, so who the heck am I hiding with? I quickly felt the player behind me leaned forward to me, breathing harder and harder into my ears. It's breath was cold and felt more like the soft cool-air from outside, only it was targeting my ears. I knew at that moment, I was not with any other known players. I quickly crawled out under that table and ran straight down the stairs never looking back to see who it was.

I ran so fast downstairs, I made all kinds of violent sound stomping down each step. I surprised all the players downstairs with my violent intrusion; I even managed to scared some of the players making them yelp and scream. I was shivering and covered in sweat; I gasped for air. Everyone remained quiet and looked puzzled. Finally, the silence was interrupted by the "IT" person, "where were you? We were all looking for you? This game's been over for 10 minutes now!" Instead of answering him, I demanded to know which one of them was hiding with me up there, and how they managed to get down here faster than me when I took the stairs. No one knew what I was talking about,

Eventually, some of the players agreed to go upstairs with me, this time we turned all on all the lights in the house. We searched both stories and no unknown players were found. My brothers started to tease me that I was probably over thinking everything, and actually wanted to know how I managed to hide from the "IT" person. I refused to show them my crazy body mechanics as I was still convinced the unknown player was still in our house. After that, they continued to play the game; but I never once thought of joining in ever again.


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Lisa Hudon
that was got me chilled...cool story. to bad tho, no hide and seek for you. sad

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Cha Yang
honestly, after this experience, I am thrilled to never play hide-n-seek ever again.

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Daniel Dumas
Creepy! horror

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nicole class
thats crazy! the creepiest game of hide and seek ever!

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Lucy Vang
Awwww, I loved this game too. Now, I'm not so sure I want to play this game anymore.

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Cha Yang
Been sober for more than 20+ years.

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