Hush, Little Baby

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... A man is walking down a long corridor; it is the middle of the night. He is barefoot, so each time he took a step, his foot would slap the floor echoing throughout the hall. In his arms, he cradles his young daughter; she is only 8 months old. The child is wrapped warmly, but her arms are left to dangle so she would not feel entrapped. She cries and cries, perhaps she has trouble sleeping. Tired and sleepy, the man keeps his eyes closed to preserve the little sleep he got; he starts to hum her her favorite lullaby and she becomes quite. The man looks at his daughter's face; she is calm and quiet, she looks straight back at him with her big beautiful eyes. He takes this moment to bond with her, and touches her nose with his nose. She coos and reaches out to touch his face with her freed arms. The man smiles and closes his eyes again; he leans his head back and continues to hum her her lullaby. The man continues to cradle her in his arm, rocking her back and forth keeping the quiet peace; his feet continues to slap the floor each time he walked down the aisle, and it echoed to the dead of the night...

Joshua and Marlene are best friends; they grew up together and did everything together. They both loved the country life and enjoyed the open spaces it provided. Living only 2 houses down from each other, Joshua and Marlene went to the same schools, throughout their whole school career! When they were finally seniors in high school, a dance was to be held in honor of all the graduating seniors. Joshua looked very much towards the dance with much anticipation, but he had a little dilemma, who was he going to ask to the prom? Little did Marlene know, but Joshua has fallen deeply in love with her; their time they shared growing up has built much internal emotions for Joshua. However, Joshua did not know if Marlene thought the same of him, so he was neglected to ash her to the dance.

As the dance date propped up closer, he finally managed the courage to ask her out; Joshua marched down the school hall and walked right into Marlene's classroom in front of the whole class. All the students in there were surprised, even the teacher stopped his lecture and looked puzzle. Slowly, and nervously, Joshua opened his mouth and the words came out: "Mar... Mar, Marlene... will you go with me to the prom?"

Everyone waited in silence and their attention was no longer placed on the nervous Joshua, but was faced towards a quiet Marlene. Her face grew red, and she could no longer face the class; Marlene buried her face in her arms. One of her friends yelled to her, "Whoo! Go Marlene! Say Yes," other students started to cheer her on too, but then she slowly lifted her head up and faced Joshua. Her eyes were teary, her cheeks blushed, and she answered him, "I'm sorry Joshy, but you're too late; I already said yes to Michael." The class paused in awe, and slowly, Joshua walked out of the classroom.

Joshua's confession quickly became the topic at school, and no students were left out of his heroic attempt. By lunchtime, Joshua waited for Marlene by the cafeteria where they always met up to eat; but Marlene never showed up. At days end, Joshua waited by the school gates for Marlene, but once again, she never showed up; that day, Joshua walked home alone for the first time in a long time.

At night time, he decided to give her a call, but she would not pick up her phone; worried, he went to her house. He knocked at her door and was welcomed inside by Marlene's parents. Soon, Marlene showed up, and the two went outside to talk. "Where were you Marlene? I waited at the cafeteria and by the gates, you were no where- I became worried," stated Joshua. Marlene responded, "I, I didn't know how to act in front of you Joshy. At first I thought you were definitely going to ask me, but you didn't seem interested in the dance. So when Michael finally asked me, I told him 'yes,' I'm so sorry Joshy." "It's okay... no big deal, it was my fault for waiting too long. Don't worry about it, I just don't want things to get weird between us," said Joshua. Marlene paused for a minute before she responded, "Hey Joshy, the thing you did this morning, that took a lot of guts. No one would normally do that just to ask a girl out to a dance... does that... does, does that mean, you like me? Like, "Like" me?" "No... no Marlene... no. that doesn't mean that I like you, not at all." answered Joshua."Oh..." responded Marlene."It means... that I love you Marlene; I've fallen for you, and even now, I am holding myself back to not give you a hug""Joshy..."


The two lovebirds ended up going to the dance together and had a wonderful time. Joshua wanted to make more interesting memory before the night ended, so he asked if Marlene wanted to "be" with him that night. Embarrass and confused, Marlene answered him in his favor. A new problem arose for Joshua, where can they spend the night together? It's true that they practically live out in the opening and could easily spend the night outside, but that's no way to spend your first night with the women you love. Hotels are also too expensive and too far from the school, and their houses were just off limits no matter what. Just then, Joshua remembered the old church nearby their old elementary school."Hey Marlene, how about the old church?" asked Joshua."Sure, but isn't it kind of scary at night?" questioned Marlene.

Joshua assured Marlene that he would protect her no matter the situation, and so the two lovebirds went off to the church. Since it was their first time doing anything like this, they took forever. They kissed forever before finally attempting to unclothe each other, and they kept on asking many questions to assure their partner's comfort zone. After about 45 minutes of unsuccessful love-making, the two stopped and laughed it off."Let's give it a rest for a bit Marlene, we're obviously too nervous" recommended Joshua."Yeah... 5 minutes?" questioned Marlene. Joshua chuckled which also made Marlene giggled.

They started whispering back and forth about their past and how they used to share moments like this when they were younger, just then, Marlene leaned over to Joshua and kissed him. However, this time, it was a very passionate kiss, and it didn't last long at all. No, this kiss told Joshua that Marlene is serious, and serious she was. As the kiss ended, Marlene started to lower herself below Joshua's head, kissing his neck on the way down, and down she went... right when the situations was finally going to take a turn for the best, a slapping sound was heard.


"What was that?" asked Marlene as she popped up. "I think there's someone here. Maybe a security guard?" answered Joshua.

The two quietly got dress and waited again.


The slapping sound was coming closer to them; they decided to wait it out since they were lying in between random rows of long chairs, it would be easy for them to hide from their guest.

SLAP... SLAP... SLAP... whaaaaa

"Was that a baby?" questioned Marlene."Yeah, it was" whispered Joshua.

Whaaaa... whaaaa....

As they waited, they saw a figure of a gentlemen holding a baby in his arm. The baby was crying, and it echoed through the old church. The crying was so loud, the two couple's ears started to hurt.

"Ouch... Joshy, my ears are starting to hurt" cried Marlene."Mines too, lets just wait it out for a couple more minutes okay?" negotiated Joshua.

Whaaaa..... Whaaaa....(in the tune of "Hush, Little Baby don't you cry...") hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm

They both heard the man started humming a very familiar tune. His tune soon overwhelmed the baby's crying, but it vibrated so loud and so harsh, they no longer could tell how the tune sounded. The windows started to shake from the vibrations, the old curtains started to sway back and forth from the wind, and the two lovers became frightened. All of a sudden, the baby stopped crying, all the activities also stopped, including the wind and vibrating windows-there was a long pause. Joshua decided to take a look; he saw the man leaning in towards the baby's face, and then stopped when his nose touched the baby's nose. The mysterious figures froze, even the baby was not moving. Joshua signaled Marlene that it was time to go; Marlene quietly got up and took one look at their quiet guests. Just then, a loud, vibrating, bone cracking sound came gushing out of the man's neck as he rotated his head straight at them. Both Marlene and Joshua screamed and ran for the doors; but the doors were locked, there was no escape-even all the windows had been barred with wooden plates since the church was long abandoned. The dark figure started making his way towards the frightened couple...


Only this time, it was all quiet for except for the loud slapping sound of the man's feet.


Joshua covered Marlene with his body and held her tight as they crouched down; they both began crying, quickly Joshua told her how much he loved her and she responded back with her crying voice.


The slapping sounds were quicker, which means the dark figure was marching towards them at a faster pace now


The couple screamed really loud and suddenly, the doors unlocked! The couple looked up and saw both of their father, each of which was holding a shotgun in their hands. When the couple peered back to the aisle, the church was completely empty. No dark figure, no crying baby, just empty silence.

"What the hell are you two doing here? Do you know what time it is? When you guys didn't return home, we got worried and started looking for you guys. When no one knew where you were, we started looking at nearby places- (shotgun clucks 2x)

- what the hell are you doing to my daughter?!!!!"


5 years later, the couple got married. I was invited over to one of their barbecues since Joshua is a dear friend of mine. I don't remember how the story started, but I remember telling him how I was looking for ghost stories to put up on a certain website. It was then that Joshua told me this story. I kid you not, but when he first told me this story, I really thought that it was going to turn into a sex story- wow, what a twist! Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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Daiz Bon

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OJesvi singh
Ohh this one is a Preety cute a big smilend scary horror story......awesome one ...

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OJesvi singh
Ohh this one is a Preety cute a big smilend scary horror story......awesome one ...

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Cha Yang
Thanx, it's actually a short scary story, but I just made it longer by including their "How I met your mother" story into it.

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OJesvi singh
Haha ..yup correct

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bad egg

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