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I couldn't think of any other title for my story. This happened back in 2010 in my room.

Since I was a child, I've been having dreams of drowning like sinking on the bottom while I watch people resurface. I would wake up sweating and gasping for air, and sometimes, crying. However, that night back then, it was different.

I woke up in the living room with my relatives in some living room. I thought, oh, I fell asleep while catching up. Then the scene shifted from us riding 4x4 jeeps beside the Manila bay (dreams are weird, I tell ya). Then there was suddenly bombing as if Manila was under attack. There was panic and utter chaos. The 4x4 dodged an upcoming bomb and it swerved off to the bay. Then we were sinking. I tried to swim up but I can't. I see my relatives swimming up to surface and I tried waving and shouting under the water but they cant seem to see me. The thought of dying came into mind and I was waiting for my last breath to go out.

That's when I sat up abruptly in my bed holding my chest, panting. I was crying and relieved at the same time. I was about to lie down to go back to sleep when I saw a person with no face wearing white in front of my bed. I literally froze up. I can't move. Can't talk. All of a sudden she moved a little closer, that's when I started shouting. But no sound came out. I tried and tried again but still, nothing came out. I tried shaking my sister who was sleeping beside me but she won't wake up. She was getting nearer and nearer, and then, I woke up.

I was freaked out. I was shaking. I didn't go back to sleep then. Fearing that I'd be trapped in my dreams. I still can remember that night 5 years ago.


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    Daniel Dumas
    Wow that was very weird and creepy at the same time! I've experienced some of it in my dreams too before, so is that inception when you suddenly change location in dreams? wow I learned something today hehe thanks! :)

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    Higaki Shigeru
    Wow Anne. that's creepy..It's also similar to my dream i shared to joshua's story. I agree! Dreams are indeed always wondering why...
    @Daniel; In my own understanding, Inception is like; you're dreaming of something then you woke up, only to know that you are still dreaming (waking up is a part of your dream). So in short, you dream that you are dreaming.

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    Daniel Dumas
    Ohh thanks Higaki, got goosebumps on that, well because that finally answers what happened in my dream in my elementary days, I thought I was gonna die (I am dead by now if I didn't wake up I think, a pillow is covering my face, when I woke up) I thought it'a Bangungot (what's the english term for bangungot? hehe), anyway what happened is that, I dreamed of seeing myself sleeping in my dream, on that dream I am also dreaming that I am seeing myself sleeping and dreaming, then it goes on and on, sleeping and dreaming, sleeping and dreaming.. like a multiple reflection of a mirror, so I was like trapped, I don't remember how did I woke up, all I remember was a pillow was covering my face, and my chest hurts, I was alone in my room and it was noon time our class got cancelled that time so I was at home, I was in 6th grade and a graduating student that time, so I thought maybe the saying is true that when you are a graduating student, your other feet is under the ground or literally saying you are prone to accident.

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    Higaki Shigeru
    Oh my.. That was inception level 100 @_@ Good thing you woke up.. it happens to me sometimes, but not as complex or tricky as that of yours. .I dont know, I believe that superstition too, as my mom would always remind us when we're graduating.. Haha and Bangungot is Nightmare.. you just forgot xD

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    Anne Tan
    @Daniel and Higaki: I know >< it was freaky. Waking up three times was just.. horrible.

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    Daniel Dumas
    @Higaki: Yeah it was really complex and headache inducing! Oh is it just Nightmare? hahaha I was thinking of something deeper, a more specific term hehe, thanks!

    @Anne: Yeah we know that feeling hehe, dreams are really weird, or should I say the human brain? hehe

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