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This maybe one of the proofs that even at an early age I was drawn to the paranormal.

I can't really remember this but my mum told me about what happened when I was 5 or maybe 6 years old.I am an only child and usually played alone since there were no kids my age or near mine at that time, Dad set up a swing under the tamarind tree where I usually play. Mum said, she would hear me laughing or blabbering unintelligible words. She didn't find anything strange at first and shrugged it off as a little girl's way to entertain herself. It was later when she found these things strange. She recalled that I would seat at night outside the house and she would hear me talking to someone, she could hear someone talking to me but when she went out to check on me, i was alone but was staring attentively beside me as if someone was there. This continued and she realized I was getting sicker, my asthma started to act up even though I wasn't exerting myself too much and avoided dusty places. One day, I came down with a nasty fever,Mum was terrified as was my dad who was clueless to what my mum noticed. One night, mum went into my room to check up on me, she said she found me sitting by the window which was opened talking to somewhat that's not there when she asked me what I was doing, I answered "talking with my playmate"so she asked again,"where is your playmate?"I pointed in front of me, then said "He wants to come in and 'take care' of me"When I said that mum quickly closed the window and the next day took me to our parish church to be blessed.

I don"t really recall this event happening this was just narrated to me by my mum.


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Glad to hear you recovered and are well now I hope,
It's a good thing your friend was not invited in, Some entity's are bound to the grounds that walk on and can't enter a home without an invite.
Did you get an pneumoniae or ( pleurisy, water on the lunges ) just before the fever?

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