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MaryssaFor one hundred and seventy three yearsMaryssa sat at her windowWatching the morning bring lightWishing her mourning to pass

After the morning tempestSeven magpies appearedSorrow and her sisters Knew Maryssa's soul

One hundred and seventy three years agoMaryssa committed suicideHer eternally unborn baby was her son and brother The torment never relentedPeace could not be foundGhosts never want to stayThey want to be brought over After One hundred and seventy three years Maryssa was toldThe most terrible secret of allThe magpie is of dove and raven

The conduit between heaven and hell Only Sorrow could bring redemptionNow Maryssa was freeFrom everlasting purgatory.


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    Daiz Bon
    red heart

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    Lisa Hudon
    deep, but lovely. big smile

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    John Gilroy
    Ilived in an old house and sensed Maryssa from the start. Lots of strange things happened.

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    Daniel Dumas
    Poetically Scary! big smile

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    Cha Yang
    Sorry, too poetic for me to understand; however, it is beautifully written. Can someone tell me in plain language what the story is about, or at least tell me if I am reading it correctly?
    173 years ago, there lived a girl named Maryssa. Instead of living a normal happy life as a child should have, her life was filled with pain and misery. She continued to be raped by her father, and soon she was carrying her father's child. However, she never gave birth to the child, instead, her father's abused led her to commit suicide- freeing her from this world, but enslaving her forever in that house as a ghost.

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    John Gilroy
    I was trying to express an experience I had a few years back. This is how it came out. I have never written poetry before but as I put my thoughts down, the writing style seemed to suit. I suppose what I learnt was that ghosts don't want to stay and their purgatory is to be kept in this world. The magpies were a constant around the house. It is just my interpretation of the events. Maryssa was set free during a house clearance, but many other strange things happened in that house.

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    Cha Yang

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    Theresa Greer
    black heart I love this poem and it's interesting that this is a true story. sad

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