My Alien Abduction 1966

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It was in the summer of 1966 that my brothers Rob, Dennis and I planned an undersea diving expedition to the clear waters off 'Black Rock' at Brighton in Sussex UK. Some two or three months in the planning, I was extremely excited at the forthcoming venture and had prepared for this in respect to camping equipment as well as numerous tanks of compressed-air. I had personally owned three aqualungs as I recall and this was to be the 'dive above all dive adventures' hitherto undertaken. Rob and M. lived at Darlaston Road, Wimbledon at that time. This being the house where we conducted numerous séances and where we encountered evil spirits, IE demons. At these séances I was told I would be killed, 'it' selected me for some reason, and I was told it would kill me with 'fright'. I was actually 'taken over' by this entity, my face actually changed to that of the 'being' that had entered my body (all those present witnessed this) and I heard a voice urging me to 'kill them, kill them' meaning the other sitters at the séance. I struggled desperately to reject this demonic entity from me for the 'voice' in my head was not mine. When I had with enormous effort succeeded in rejecting this evil entity from me I had copious tears streaming down my face. Our group was composed of young people. There was my brother Rob, M. S. and her workplace 'friend' A. All were in their early to mid twenties. I would have been 'twenty-seven' at the time. I forget who else was or might have been present. The outcome of that final séance was the glass (an upturned glass and alphabet cards were used as a Ouija board) being hurled of seemingly of it's own volition, to smash alarmingly into the fire-place. All participants had their index finger lightly touching the top of the upturned glass. We fled in terror out of that house and took refuge in a church where luckily a service had just finished and we fled inside the sanction of that church. The clergy took Rob and M. into their home and then kindly found them another rented accommodation. In our hurry to vacate the Darlaston Road house when the glass was hurled into the fireplace I had inadvertently left my sea-charts in the room. We had all fled back to my place at Norbiton where I put a 'seventy eight' (inch) record on the turn-table of the gramophone and we listened to Christian Hymns in an effort to 'erase' the horror of that demonic haunting from our minds and to deter any such entity as might have followed us back to Fleetwood Road. Now, Den and I had to return to that property in order to retrieve those important charts that were essential for our dive expedition.

Night had fallen when Den and I set off back to Wimbledon and Darlaston Road on his motorbike. I was exceedingly apprehensive at the prospect of entering that big house at such a late hour. However, those charts were vital to our imminent departure to 'Black Rock' so we had no choice. On our terrified dash out of that house we must have alerted the Polish owner of the property who lived at the top of that large property so Den parked his motor-bike around the corner of that road, near the church and we walked back to the house and quietly ascended the steps to enter the passage in that house. Cautiously I had opened the door to the front-room and switched on the light to peer inside before entering. Gone was the awful atmosphere of earlier and to the contrary it felt strangely 'inviting'. To me the atmosphere imparted thoughts of a blazing fire burning in the grate and of 'Father Christmas' himself beckoning us to enter. Such were my thoughts as I entered that room. Looking back, it felt so 'artificial' as if that atmosphere had been deliberately created to entice us into the room. As stated, it was a large room. It had a large bay-window and it was near that window that the charts lay on a table. Den made his way to the table and gathered the 'rolled up' charts in his arms while I stood beneath the large ceiling-lamp in the centre of the room watching Dennis when a weird sound came from directly overhead. It was similar to the sound made by swinging a length of string with a weight of sorts on the end, around one's head to set off a 'loud whirring' sound that 'rose and fell' rhythmically. Then, to my utter disbelief and shock I saw these small 'figures' maybe about 20mm in height and about 'six or eight' of them whirling around that ceiling-lamp situated above my head. The weird sound was somehow affecting my body, paralysing me as though it had some connection to my very blood. I froze as I the small black 'figures' that had small heads and trailing bodies, each holding-on as it were to the 'tail coat' of the one in front as they whirled 'dizzily' around and around that light, as if playing 'ring a roses', were in fact - demons. Suddenly, it came to me in vivid realisation what was about to follow. The room would be plunged into darkness and a horrific apparition would appear, that would 'frighten us to death' as was promised by that evil entity that had entered our séance.

My thoughts were then abruptly interrupted as the room was suddenly plunged into darkness. The light had been switched-off. The switch was close to the door where we had entered the room but I had quietly closed it while Den was collecting the charts. Stung into sudden action, albeit readily prepared, I made a dash for the door and wrenched it wide-open in sheer panic. As the light from the hallway filled the room I saw that Den was still standing by the large bay-window, his arms full of rolled-up charts and his hair was literally standing up vertically, his face contorted in sheer terror. Ignoring now the need to be quiet not to disturb the landlord upstairs, I screamed at the top of my voice at Den to break the obvious trance he was in. After repeating my yelling so Den suddenly broke free of that cataleptic trance and came tearing across the room to charge out into the passageway with me following and then out of the front-door into Darlaston Road. As I ran so a sudden vicious kick to my 'right' ankle sent me sprawling violently head over heels on that hard pavement. Den had been well ahead of me so that kick never came from him. It sent me sprawling with a crash onto the paving stone pathway. My wrestling days experience saved me from what could have been a severe injury. I struggled to my feet and limped in pain after Den towards the parked motorbike. I leapt on the pillion, Den opened the throttle and we roared away. Some time following that awful encounter that threat actually came true. A chap of 'twenty three' had moved into that room some time afterwards alas I cannot remember how long afterwards, he was found sitting-up in bed having died of fright. That being the coroner's verdict at the inquest which was reported in the Wimbledon Borough News. I remember little more of that otherwise deeply imbedded memory of that terrifying experience other than Den's speedy journey back to Fleetwood Road. I felt so guilty over that young guy's dreadful death that supposedly was meant for us. I did later wonder if it was connected to what was to follow at the subsequent camping trip to 'Black Rock' and our encounter with a horrific 'black angel'. The trip to the coast of Brighton followed directly after that 'encounter' at Darlaston Road and would result in my being 'abducted' from the tent on our very first night at the 'Sheepcote Valley' camp-site. We were of course ignorant of what lay before us as we set out on our diving adventure.

On the day of our departure, Rob's wife M. dropped a 'bombshell.' She asked to accompany us and Rob agreed. He didn't ask me else I would have said an emphatic 'no!' Immediately after Rob saying ok so the other two girls, S. and A. asked to accompany us also. I am not 'anti female' but I (knowing M) knew she had 'ulterior motives'. I was married to her sister after all and I knew M. only too well, she spelt 'trouble' with a capital T. Her father had spoilt her 'rotten' especially after his wife had sadly passed. Upon M. asking Rob if she could come along with us and Rob said she could, so the two girls asked to come along also.' My heart had sank from the moment Rob had said 'yes' to M. joining us. I knew 'trouble' would come about and oh boy, was I right. M. was in no way the 'camping' kind. Rob like myself had bought a large tent and having a car had been elected to carry all the camping and diving-equipment plus ourselves, to Sheepcote Valley. Upon our arrival, the tents were erected and then a little later the 'bombshell' dropped. Rob came over to me and said "the girls have upset M. they've been talking about her!". This was ridiculous; the girls were in my company the whole time and nothing whatsoever was said about M. But her 'crocodile tears' soon had Rob dismantling his tent, packing all his equipment back into his car and saying 'goodbye'. I hastily told him that he can't leave me with all those aqualung compressed-air cylinders, weight-belts etc. so he loaded them into his car to take back to my place and then - they left. I was beside myself with anger, fuelled by bitter disappointment. My long since planned 'dive expedition' was now in ruins before it had barely begun. Intensely angry that night I set out to walk along the cliff-tops, my mind confused as to 'what do we do now?' We were also well and truly stranded as well as the whole purpose of us being there now ruined. I figured I needed to take that long walk in order to calm myself down. How I had refrained from 'hitting out' I don't know. M. had no intention of 'sleeping under canvas' before asking Rob if she could accompany us. I knew that was her whole purpose for 'joining' us; to get Rob to leave before night fell, hence her crocodile tears which had it's intended outcome. So, I set out to take a long walk along those cliff-tops in the dark to try to 'cool down' and Den immediately joined me followed by the two girls S. and A. We walked a long way atop the cliffs then eventually we descended the steps to the promenade and the beach. There, by the sea-wall I sat down on a nearby bench-seat to try figure out what to do. Now of course we had no way of carrying my tent plus remaining equipment or indeed ourselves, back home. Only Den had transport, his motorbike. It was far too late to obtain public transport. There were now four of us and my tent for us to sleep in. It was a 'four man' tent and had a built-in groundsheet. The time was past midnight as we'd set out on that walk.

We made our way along the cliff tops for quite some distance then descended some steep, winding steps, down to the beach far below. There, we sat on a seat and S. and I were engaged in conversation, obviously about the preceding events. Den had wandered from the seat to the sea-wall to avoid A. who was bent on 'seducing' him. He then returned and asked me to take a look at 'something' by the sea-wall. Three times he had asked me but I had been in conversation with S. and delayed joining him. Then, rather tersely at his third interruption, I went over to him and he told me "look along that (sea) wall". Huh? I did so, still annoyed and I saw nothing. "Look up a bit, higher!" I did so and then - I saw it. I almost choked with fright and disbelief. Suspended some 'thirty feet' in the air and partly over the 'drop off' of the sea wall was a huge apparition. It was male, a good 'thirty feet tall' and was draped in a black robe. But it was the eyes, they bored evilly through me and struck me as the personification of pure evil, like 'it' was the Devil Himself. They glared malevolently through me and an immediate chill of terror swept through my body. The two girls now came over to see what the object of our attention was. They immediately saw that awful demonic apparition and both girls screamed. We then fled in sheer panic. As we ran I glanced back and saw that the apparition was keeping the same distance behind us as though it were attached to us by an unseen 'pole'. We kept running, me ahead of the girls and of Den too I'm ashamed to admit, until we almost collided with two courting couples taking a summer night stroll along the beach. They stared at us wondering no doubt the reason for our obvious panic-stricken flight in which we almost knocked them over. Now, I looked back again to find that demonic apparition had ceased to pursue us. There was no further sign of it.

We sat quite a while on a seat, reluctant to wander away from the lights into the darkness but eventually, with no other choice we set off to walk back fearfully to the camp-site and to the one remaining tent. I loathed the idea of having to walk along that very long and narrow road for fear of encountering that 'demonic figure' again. I was even wondering whether it was following us, invisibly perhaps as we made our way back to our tent. It took us some 'forty minutes' at least to reach our camp-site which I must add has since been 'moved' at least three times and on my last visit to the area I found signs put up showing the camp-site to be much closer now to the beach. We at last arrived at the camp-site and our 'one remaining tent'. Tired and exhausted as well as severely shaken, we lay down to sleep 'side by side' in that 'four person tent' hoping we would see no more of that terrifying, 'devil or alien like' apparition. Den slept furthest inside that tent with A. next to him and then S. who was next to me while I lay next to the 'zipped-up' tent awning (opening) that was to my 'right'. There was just enough room for the four of us to lie on our 'backs' side by side. We slept fully clothed and without sleeping-bags or any blankets as these had gone back with Rob. All that was beneath us was the 'cold' rubberised groundsheet through which the hard ground made itself felt. Tired, nervous and exhausted, I soon fell asleep.

I awoke suddenly, strangely agitated to discover an 'earth quake' was taking place. The ground was violently shifting beneath me and I lay, my arms by my side and hands opened flat on the groundsheet beneath me to 'steady' myself, then I realised that it was not the ground that was 'shaking' - it was me! I was trembling so violently that I'd thought it was the ground itself. I was dazed, in a state of considerable confusion. My wrist-watch showed 0500hrs. My mind deeply confused by 'something' I knew not what. I sat up and saw that my companions were fast asleep but unlike me they were not 'violently trembling' with what I thought was the cold. Numbly, as in a trance I decided to go out to the 'shower-cum-toilet' block to stand beneath a hot shower to get some warmth back into my violently trembling body. I unzipped the tent awning and slipped outside, zipping 'up' the awning behind me and set to make my way to the shower block. However, the moment I was outside the tent my eyes were drawn to my 'right' where a three foot-high wire 'fence' separated the camp site from the rolling Downs (chalk hills) and immediately came the weird conviction that I had literarily only just 'come' in from the direction of those 'Downs' and that I had not spent the night in that tent. That feeling was intense. I knew beyond all doubt that I had not spent the night in that tent but that I had been 'brought' back there by 'something' (and here my mind was a complete blank). I stood under that hot shower for a full one hour, returning to the tent at 0600hrs and as my companions were sleeping soundly, I quietly lay back down and shortly began drifting into sleep.

What followed is difficult to explain. As I drifted off to sleep so the memory of something terrifying was about to be revealed to me but something so frightening that I was brought instantly wide awake before that memory surfaced. It would happen at a certain 'point' after I fell asleep. IF it were possible to 'stretch' the 'second or so' between 'consciousness and oblivious slumber' there is a specific point where one's subconscious memories are brought into consciousness. This 'state' is known in hypnotherapy as the 'hypnogogic' state, where one is 'taken to' under hypnosis to recall past events and traumas long since consciously forgotten, even back into early childhood. Memories that the conscious mind does not wish to recall. A memory of something that took place in our past, something 'real or imagined' will nevertheless detrimentally affect one's adulthood and will result in various kinds of maladies such as loss of memory, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, bed-wetting, nervous disorders, in fact the list is 'endless'. I found that in dropping-off to sleep a part of my mind suddenly 'opened up' and that which had taken place that night was about to be revealed to me in a sudden rush that was so devastatingly frightening that I instantly awoke. I was utterly frustrated because I knew beyond doubt that something had taken place and that I had not spent the night in that tent. But what exactly? I tried to sleep on my return from the shower at 0600hrs, lying there trying to sleep right up until twelve midday when I finally gave-up because I was no longer able to reach that hypnogogic state. Shortly afterwards I/we returned home. In an effort to understand exactly what had taken place that 'never to be forgotten night' I undertook study Hypnosis. I was in fact eager to visit a Hypnotherapist and duly booked a session with one in Dorset. She was very expensive and frankly her session was a complete waste of money. She got me to 'induce' myself for a start and so my trance-state was 'light'. I will explain here that the trance has to be 'deep' enough to reach the subconscious mind while not being 'too deep' that one is unable to answer or even to hear the voice of the Therapist. I found myself unable to relax sufficiently to reach that required state with this lady who merely gave me 'positive' suggestions and nothing that remotely alluded to my problem surfaced. Whatever I had repressed would require a deeper trance state than the one I so lightly put myself into.

I studied Hypnotherapy for three years, passed a very exacting and lengthy exam and received my 'diploma' which I still proudly possess and I set up as a practitioner as did Rob. It was then during my studies that I learned of the Hypnogogic state which is that point in sleep wherein all is revealed and is the state induced (or should be) by the Hypnotherapist - and it was all of five years later that what occurred to me that awful night was finally revealed to me in a vivid, crystal-clear 'dream'. I was in fact abducted by aliens and I had not spent that night in the tent after all as I knew only too well that following morning that I'd awoken after it had taken place. That morning, Den announced that he was 'going home'. Blimey, now Den was deserting me. A. went with him, on the pillion of his motorbike and thus it was that S. remained with just myself. I was so 'bloody minded' that I refused to leave and S. refused to leave likewise as she like myself had no means of travelling home anyway. I went about that next day 'in a trance'. I knew 'something' terrible had taken place. I spent the whole of that next morning sleeping OR rather, trying to get back to sleep for I knew that I had not spent that night in the tent and only as I attempted to sleep would the memory begin to surface. That memory was quite terrifying, hence my shivering so violently, so uncontrollably. Unlike 'normal' dreams this one was exceedingly lengthy, crystal clear and was far from nonsensical as dreams invariably are. This was my memory returning, all of five years later. It was absolutely vivid and I knew what was unfolding, what was at last, after psychotherapy, returning.

It began in that tent but then I found myself being propelled by two 'beings' as I lay prone about two or three feet above the ground. A very small 'being' was behind each shoulder. I was unable to see them as I was cataleptic, completely unable to turn my head. Those 'small beings' were in a hurry as they rushed me at speed across the ground, feet first and we crashed alarmingly into many shrubs in their obvious haste. Then, I saw this huge Flying Saucer 'hovering' just above the ground in a clearing, then, nothing more until I found myself exiting a 'room' aboard that Flying Saucer. I was as in a trance and with a memory of frightful 'looking' beings having just examined me. I had no memory of this 'examination' but I just knew it had taken place and I was thankful that I had no memory of what they did to me. I was then left to wander alone, along a narrow 'corridor' that led into a small 'rounded' - 'room sized 'cockpit' with a convex shaped 'window' up to about three feet high while beneath this 'window' was like a long 'computer' screen with numerous flashing lights of different colours. I went over to the far right' corner (I say corner but it was it was all rounded) to gaze out into a stygian blackness that frightened me. I knew we were in 'outer space' and I remember not seeing a single star. There then came to me an inner-voice saying 'home is in that direction'. I will never forget that intense feeling of utter loneliness and despair that beset me as I looked longingly in that direction. I was unable to see anything but that awful blackness of space. Then, all of a sudden I opened my eyes and was immediately fully conscious and with a feeling of such intense relief that I can never begin to adequately impart how I felt. I knew that at long last, five years later in fact, my subconscious had finally released the memory of what had taken place that awful night in that tent at the Sheepcote Valley Camp site.


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