My body and half of my soul..

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Morning, when I struggled to get up but I can't move. I started to worry about the time for I must be late for school. I uttered some prayers and even prayed the "Our Father". In my surprise, I can't memorize the prayer and get lost whenever I'm in the middle of it. I am not surprised in this kind of situation (waking up then can't move) for I have had experienced it not just that once. I struggled harder and harder. I try to lift up my head but what made me scared was that instead of my head to lift up, it is my soul. I can feel it, my soul (in my head part) separated from my physical head. Then I remembered Astral Projection (a matter that caught my curiosity since then). This diverted my attention. Instead of struggling to move so that I can get-up, I can see myself focusing on my soul to leave my body for me to experience Astral Projection. There, I can feel my soul (from head to waist) slowly separating from my human body. But I failed. I can't lift up my soul from my waist to my feet. I don't know why. I got tired. Once again I prayed and continuously calling Jesus in my head. I don't know how many minutes did it took for me to be able to move but I'm thankful to God I did. As much as I wanted to tell someone about this but I'm afraid that they might think I'm insane so I decided to keep it myself not until today...


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Prince Cess Capunay
This happened to me several times.....but there's one time when I caught a glimpse at our refrigerator and I saw a silhouette of a man. And I know that I'm alone in the house at that time.

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Roselyn Daniel
Does he appeared again?

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Jereigna Montejar
Akala ko hindi totoo yung mga bagay na yan, yung pwde maka alis sa katawan. galing .: ) pero kakatakot dn.

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Roselyn Daniel
I don't know, pero hindi talaga ako natakot.. Siguro desidido lang talaga akong maranasan ang Astral Projection pero nagpapasalamat parin ako dahil hindi natuloy kasi pag may masamang mangyari sa pisikal na katawan mo, hindi na makakabalik o makakapaso kaluluwa mo.. horror

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