My First OOBE

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An Oobe is short for an "Out of Body Experience)

It was in June 1986 and I was working at a local record shop and as the previous Manager had left I was then given the job. I was working alone and got into the shop early as always.

I had 15 minutes before I had to open the shop at 9 am and was also waiting for the Milkman to arrive to pay him for the milk he had delivered to the shop previously. I went upstairs to the toilet.

Nothing unusual happened until I sat down on the toilet and a few seconds later I got up and started walking about a foot off the ground in the bathroom.

I was in disbelief but carried on walking towards the door and then turned back to see myself sitting motionless on the loo.

I was trying to figure out what had happened I didn't feel any different apart from feeling lighter like a feather.

I heard the door downstairs rattle and I panicked - for some reason I thought 'I can't open the door like this' and tried to get back into my body. The experience of panicking and being so close to my body and not getting back into it made me feel like I was drowning in air!

The more I tried to get to my body the more I was being hampered until finally the cord pulled me back in and I gave a gasp and was thrown back on the toilet seat.

I quickly gathered my thoughts and went downstairs. I was badly shaken and I missed the Milkman!

It wasn't until quite a few years later that I had a good explanation as to what happened - Speaking to a nurse she asked me was I doing a number 1 or number 2. I said I think I was doing a number 2. To which she replied sometimes when a person does a 'forced movement' their heart can stop. I had a heart murmur diagnosed at 15.

The nurse reckoned my heart had stopped and I left my body. It was really freaky to think I could have died on the toilet - as strange as it sounds - but it is a true story.


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Lisa Hudon
i have heard of that. happens alot when someone falls asleep, heart stops, sleep apnea, low blood pressure. i should have seen myself dozens of times already. i have such low bp, my husband pokes me sometimes to see if i wake. shocked

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Pagan Tordengrav
It made a lot more sense speaking to that nurse. After it happened I was baffled and really didn't understand why it happened. Glad to say I haven't experienced anything like that since.

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