My Guardian Ghost

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My story began in the early hours of a chilly (but not too cold), January morning. I was having some difficulty getting to sleep. This is not unusual for me, as I often have bouts of insomnia during stressful times in my life. I was at that time going through what my doctors call moderate depression. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that I was not suffering and have never suffered a psychosis and while I'm by no means the sanest person who ever lived, I have certainly never hallucinated anything.

The house that I live in is at the end of a cul-de-sac with two neighboring houses, one on each side. The house on the left has a large lawn with a long, wooden fence cutting it off from the main road (which was deserted at the time). Behind the fence are a couple of bare, skinny trees with very few branches. The trees are spaced far apart so you can still see everything over the fence. On the sidewalk, next to the trees and the fence, were a couple of tall streetlights that cast a bright orange glow. It also illuminated the fence and the lawn.

On this night I merely stepped out for some fresh air to clear my head. I took a seat on the patio step (I wasn't cold as I was wearing my fluffy white robe) and stared ahead into the distance. The house to my right was in complete darkness, while the house to my left was brightly lit (or at least the fence was). I don't know how many seconds passed by before I saw it, out of the corner of my eye I saw something dart across the top of the fence. I quickly turned my head to the left and saw a shadowy figure running across the fence. Let me repeat: this was not something I only saw out of my peripheral vision. I actually saw this figure head on with my own two eyes! No doubt because of the streetlights, I was able to see him so well.

I was only able to get a brief look at him before he disappeared into a lone tree that had zero branches. But I did see him long enough to take in his appearance. He had the silhouette of a tall, thin man with a long coat and a fedora hat. Other than that he was completely featureless. He had spaghetti like legs that wobbled as he ran. I can't be certain, as he moved too fast, but I'm pretty sure he didn't cast a shadow, despite being under enough light to do so.

After he disappeared, I just continued to stare at the vacant spot where he had been. Honestly, I don't think I could look away. I was feeling mostly confused and surprised. There was a tiny part of me that felt afraid, but not overwhelmingly. This was strange, for many reasons, but the main one being that I am deathly afraid of the dark, not to mention night time intruders. Needless to say, this is something that should have terrified me. I may not have been feeling calm and collected but I certainly didn't feel as if I were in any danger. Eventually I went back inside, but (understandably) I still had trouble falling asleep. I did in the end.

In the morning I told my mother what happened. She said that it could possibly have been the ghost of her father (my grandfather), who died before I was born. This is another oddity, as my mother has always been a skeptic when it comes to theories about the supernatural (I have too, to a certain degree).

I cannot say for sure what it was that I saw that night, but I can with certainty say what it was not. It was not an animal or a trick of light or my imagination. As I have said before, I have never before in my life seen something in front of my eyes that was not really there. I may be many things, but delusional is not one of them.

Somehow, I saw a shadowy phantom of a man dart across the top of the fence. How or why this happened, I haven't a clue. At that time I was unaware of the shadow person myth. It wasn't until much later that I found out about it and started researching it. I was startled to find stories with their descriptions of shadow people, eerily similar to my own. This continued to trouble me for a while. The only other time I saw a shadowy figure was when I was sick and in hospital. The image was much more fleeting and I couldn't tell if it was a man or woman. I'm not at all sure if this is related, but the surgery I required couldn't allow me to be sedated which meant that I was fully conscious as a tube was inserted into my lung! Surprisingly I felt little next to no pain which surprised most of the medical staff.

Later I began to think that I possibly had a guardian angel, I wasn't certain so I started reading up on the subject. I also began to recall times in my childhood in which I felt I was being comforted by an outside force. There was one instance where I was so upset that I couldn't stop crying and then I felt a calm soothing sensation spread through me like a hand stroking the back of my head. I started reading techniques on how to communicate with my guardian angel, such as meditation etc.

Anyway a couple of nights ago, I believe I was kissed by an angel! I wanted to see and possibly speak to my guardian angel. I tried the night before with little next to no results. I relaxed myself by listening to my rain cd. I pictured myself in a place that made me happy - Disneyworld. I'm not sure if I had any more success than the previous night.

A couple of times I saw a shadowy figure approach me. Sometimes a stern face would appear before me. Sometimes the face would have cat like eyes, wrinkled skin and a heavy brow, other times the face would be completely smooth and flawless with two black holes for eyes. I mentally asked the figure, assuming it was my guardian angel, if they loved me. They didn't say anything but a brief image of a shower of small hearts came into my mind. I felt fairly sure that I had come into contact with my guardian angel. Suddenly, for reasons I can't explain, I was overcome with a yearning to have my guardian angel kiss me on the lips. It wasn't a sexual thing, but in that split second I felt like I might die if I didn't get that kiss. I laid there in expectation for a couple of seconds. I was so sure I wouldn't feel anything. Then out of nowhere I felt this pressure and warmth on my lips, in fact my whole face felt warmer and a dizzying sensation filled my head. It's hard to describe exactly how I felt that night but the one word that can describe it best is... Intense. Eventually it felt so intense that I had to pull away. When I did the intensity disappeared and elation replaced it.

I'm not sure if this could be called a ghost story but whatever it was I am certain that these events were not normal.


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Matthew Dennis
Usually when im super down, or hurt, or sick or just completely miserable, I cry out in my heart and mind "abba Father" and all of the sudden.... warmth, love, peace consume me. and i know im ok. everyone believes you here, lol, no one thinks youre crazy. The debate of angel versus spirit or demon, well you know what youre seeing, its like you know and understand without, book smarts, knowing it. I also remember and have felt being hugged, especially when im just really sad. the days that are hard and i dont know what the h*** to do, the days i just break down and am about to cry, that comfort, the feeling of peace is there. not coming from me, but from something else to me. Im going to say its God to me just because it feels more comforting, like a parent's comfort. like when shits just happening and you feel peaceful when your parents tell you they have it under control. my angel, the one assigned to me has gotten me out of some crap, like a Lot. and has put up with a lot of my shit lol. but when hearing the things that matter, my communication is usually with Jesus. no matter who or what youre dealing with, your heart will tell you what or whom it is. its like whenever communicating with Jesus, like right There. My heart says friend. Just the person I can talk to.

my back ground. I grew up in a shit home. typical bs separation type parental situation. I grew up in not the best of situations. I was the annoying clingy kid cause ya know, no love from daddy. stuff like that. hardly any friends. it was hard. later on, drug use for me. then life just looked like shit from every angle. lived with my Still abusive dad up until November. Now I have my own place so more bills, i have to fend for my self, i actually just a month ago got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which means it can kill me in a day if i dont manage it, it also means i cant get rid of it by diet and exercise, so i have to deal with it. also i have no full time job to pay all these bills both medical, utility, and etc. to top it all off, im late on all my bills. All this and im fending for my self in my own place where i could die if i eat too much sugar and dont take enough insulin lol. Through all this though, the only way i find peace through all these opportunities for stress is i take my little chair outside my apartment door either when the world is at work, or at night when everyone is going to bed. i focus on my heart, meditate, keep my mind out of the clouds and on competent reality. and i lay all my concerns out in front of me in heart and mind. Jesus is there, He tells me my next steps and what my job is, then He comforts me and tells me that even if i dont know what He is and isnt doing, Hes got everything under control.

Thanks for listening (:

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Sammy Eagleson
Wow, what an incredible story! When life gets so crazy you can't think straight, it does help to be outside, letting mother nature calm you. I wouldn't say I belonged to any certain religion, but I do strongly believe in Angels! I'm not the only person I know who has had 'experiences'. Years ago, when my mother was expecting my older brother, she was trying to cross the street but it was raining so hard she couldn't see! She narrowly avoided getting hit by a car when she felt hands on her shoulders, pulling her back (naturally no one was standing behind her)! More recently a friend of my mother was driving down this road in the countryside (i.e in the middle of nowhere) when her car breaks down, and of course her phone isn't working sad I can't remember the exact details, but out of nowhere these guys in uniform show up. They fix her car and when she goes to thank them - they're nowhere to be found! I just find it so inspiring to hear stories like this, it gives me hope red heart

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Matthew Dennis
Its not about a religion, just whats there and how you have been through it.

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