My Nephews (son) Night Terrors'

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This is a true story of what I have been through with my nephew. Here's a little bit of a history to know: since my brother came and left his two kids with me and my parents.

In the year 2008 my nephew turned 6 years old about fifteen days after his birthday party. It was the 1st of August 2008. That night I had the door to my room left open so that my daughter (niece) could come and go to where she can sleep with either me or my mom (grandma). We always leave the kitchen light on every night, outside my bedroom door is the livingroom and to the right side was the kitchen.

I was laying in my bed with my eyes closed trying to fall asleep. Then I heard little foot steps walking around in circles in the livingroom. I looked at my alarm clock and it was 4:09 a.m. in the morning. Then I saw a shadow walking across my doorway.

I just lay there and looked into the kitchen and in a few seconds I see my nephew (son) walking towards the dining room area. I got up and tip toed to the doorway as I can see him walking towards the front door. He opened the door but didn't go outside at all, he stood there for thirty-eight minutes then he turned his head towards my doorway to my room then all of a sudden he fell to the floor crying at the top of his lungs as I ran to him and picked him up and calmed him down as he fell back to sleep in my arms. My mom and dad came running out of there rooms in less than five seconds. I told them that he was sleep walking. The next night he slept with me turned to put my arms around him and looked that he wasn't in bed with me, I came into the livingroom and saw the front door open it was 3:38 a.m. in the the morning. I went to close the door as I hear foot steps from behind me as I locked the door. Instead of waking him up I took him by the hand and lead him back to my room as he got up into my bed with me he just sat up for an hour as I watched him then he laced back down on the pillow and went to sleep. The next couple of nights I found him standing outside in our front yard, the last night I found him standing next to me on my side of the bed. I looked at my alarm clock to see what time it was and it was 4:28 a.m. I reached for him to pull him on to the bed his skin was icy cold and he turned his head to me and I saw nothing but black where his eyes were suppose to be I backed away to the other side of the bed as he looked at me with an evil smile on his face then he grinned at me with a smirk. His eyes still looking at me as got got off the bed he jumped up one foot high and landed on my bed. Not knowing what to make of this I backed away from my bed as he squaded down on the bed like a frog and sitting up right like a dog. Walking side ways to my right to get to the door he smiled again only this time I saw his teeth (nothing but fangs) I was scared. He kept his eyes on my every movement. I started to move again only this time he was in a pouncing position getting ready for the kill yet it was my little boy, my son I started to slide down and cry for him as this entity of some kind got in front me on the floor and watched me crying I balling like crazy with my tears streaming down my face and cheeks.

I looked up still crying as this entity leand in towards me I touched my son and pulled him towards me and gave him a kiss on the cheek and hugged him yet this entity pushed me back as my back hit the drawer set.

He hissed at me like a cat, then smacked my face. Sitting there crying the entity sat on my lap and leaned towards me as he licked my tears away. The next thing I knew while looking to the floor still crying my baby boy said to me: mommy aunty, why are you crying? I looked up to see that he was himself he was back. I hugged him so tight as he whispered in my ear why are we on the floor? I laughed and giggled a little bit and said to my son lets back into bed we both did. I almost dosed off when he whispered into my ears I love you mommy.


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That is a serious Possession, Did this only happen the once?
How is he now?
Stay safe all the best.

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Tuavevea Tauveli
Yes, this only happened once.

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Glad to hear that, I hope the future holds great happiness for you all stay safe all the best.

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