Myth Buster II

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These are multiple stories detailing how I exposed some of the myths I have heard. Being an addict to the supernatural when I was younger, I challenged many ways to see if I can sense or feel the presence of spirits and ghosts. I no longer participate in this type of activity because I believe NOW, that it is quite dangerous and stupid of me to even try such a thing when I was younger; also, I'm married and wish nothing bad to happen to my family. If you haven't read part I of this series, please feel free to read those before continuing to read these stories. The following are more of my experiences:

#6- LYING IN A GRAVENow this method is really scary and most people would not try it. The grave does not need to necessarily be a real grave, but it does require a body, your body. It is said that if you lie in the open grave at night and have 2 coins placed on top of your eyes, the dead will treat you as one of them. Some people say you will jump into the world of the dead, while others say you'll see the dead walking among you. Your only protection are the coins that shields your eyes; if the coins fall, the dead vanishes- there are rumors that the dead will try to take off the coins, if they do, they'll haunt you instead.My Experience:Never going to try this one, but my friends did. This is their story: Yang, Jill, and Frances decided to face death in the face straight on; they dug up a grave at a park late at night (no one was brave enough to try this at a cemetery). Yang and Jill lay down into the grave side-by-side holding each other's hand. Frances placed silver dollars on top of each of their eyes and ran back to the safety of his car and kept watch. Yang was brave, but Jill started to get really scared. Yang assured Jill that nothing was going to happen since they were at a park; but Jill was still scared. They continued to hold each others hands to assure each other that they weren't alone in the graves by themselves. After an hour or so, Jill was ready to give up, and started to squeeze Yang's hand. However, Yang had already fell asleep (that's what challengers are supposed to do to easily fall into the world of the dead); this scared Jill tremendously. She started to whisper, "Yang, wake up- lets go, I'm scared!" But Yang kept quiet. Soon, Jill started to shiver from the cold and fright. She opened her eyes, which tilted the coins to the side of her eyes. Jill claimed to have seen around 6 dark figures around her. She was alone; Jill's body froze and she started to gasp for air. She couldn't breathe, and started to choke. Her choking woke up Yang. Yang turned his head quickly facing Jill, dropping both of his coins. He claimed he saw an old lady lying next to him in Jill's place holding his hand. He freaked out and started screaming. He backed up to the walls of the grave and climb out, but a hand grabbed his foot and pulled him back in. Luckily for them, Frances heard the screams and came running. He claimed he saw Yang and Jill wrestling each other in the empty grave before yelling some sense into them.

#7- TAKING ITEMSIt is strongly believed by most religion that the dead should never be robbed of their possessions. It is said that the said item will either bring misfortune to the thief, or bring him face to face with the deceased owner.My Experience:None, I don't believe in stealing. This story is about my best friend's sister, Mela. On the day of their grandmother's funeral, Mela had taken a pair of earrings off their late grandmother's ears. Mela's intention was to try them on at the funeral home and return it later that evening when everyone was clearing to go home. I remember Mela telling us the earrings were so beautiful that she wanted to try it once before burying it all away. However, Mela claimed she started to see a dark figure watching her from afar during the whole day. Every time she turned her face to look at the figure, the figure would move away at lightning speed to a different location- Mela was expecting the figure to vanish. As scared as she was, she was even more afraid to put back the earrings since there were so many people surrounding their grandmother. At around 11:30pm, most people started to leave home but there were still several people sitting by their grandmother's side. At around 2am, there were only 5-7 people at the funeral home now, and no one was in the room where the coffin held the deceased; Mela took this chance to go and put back the ear rings. Mela claimed that as soon as she placed the earrings back onto their grandmother's ears, grandmother's eyes opened and grabbed Mela's hands. She screamed and screamed. The people near by came rushing in and found her fainted on the ground. At the hospital, she admitted to what she did. Their mother was not happy at all, and called a shaman to cleanse her soul. However, Mela now claims to hear whispers that no one else can hear; the doctor has diagnosed her with schizophrenia.

#8- CONFESSINGIt is said that if you go to outside in the middle of the night, and say "I Love You" to no one in particular, some one may take you up on that offer.My Experience:When I heard about this myth, I just had to “bust it. My friends and I decided that I would confess during one of our trips when we went camping. During that summer, we decided to go camping up on Highway 50. In the daytime, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary; we just hiked and messed around with each other; however, we did find a really isolated river. My friends decided I would confess at that river. When night approached (11pm), I went with only 2 of my friends to the river; they were responsible to witnessing me confess and to record the whole confession. When we got to the river, I skipped into the middle of the river, standing on huge boulders- don't worry, the water was really passive and the boulders were dry. My friends got into position (about 50-100 feet away from me) and told me it was time. I looked up into the dark forest around us and said, “I love you. My friends started to giggle and laugh, which encouraged me to want to even go beyond the normal myth; so I continued with my confession:“I love you so much, where have you gone? I have been waiting all this time for you, where are you? Please, don't make me wait any longer, I am so lonely. I love you and miss you always.- NOTE: this confession was targeted to no one in particular!We all laughed and thought it was great; however, someone, or something replied back to my confession. The voice came from within the dark forest, it replied in a really low tone, “I love you too. The voice was so soft and low tone, I thought it was just my imagination or the wind; however, my friends claimed to have heard it too. No one thought it was funny anymore and we all decided to head back. I hurried to both of them (remember, they're both 50-100 feet away from me), but in complete darkness, it was hard to see where I was going. I kept on yelling at them to stop and wait for me, but they disappeared into the darkness. I got scared and started to run really fast towards the campsite.I saw two dark figures running in front of me and followed them thinking they were my buddies. The dark figures stopped suddenly which scared me. Suddenly, both the figures started to sway their heads side-to-side really fast making a really loud bone-on-bone sound. The sound echoed throughout the riverbed, scaring the crap out of me. I yelled at them to stop (still hoping it was just my buddies fooling around), then, the two figures started to pivot their stale body facing me head on. The rattles got louder; their body started to shiver, and soon, they started moving towards me. The wind also started to pick up, and the smell of rotting flesh was in the air. One of them started to giggle, while the other one bent it's body backwards. Through the giggling, I assumed they were both females, but my buddies that came along with me were both males. I freaked out and started to run the opposite direction, that's when I slipped on a rock and hit my head. I fainted.When I came through, I remember my body being dragged by my right foot. What ever was holding on to me had really big and cold hands. I kept on hearing a rattling sound and the echoing of a distant giggling. I fell back to sleep due to exhaustion and a major headache.The next day, I remember waking up in my tent cover in sludge. I ran out of my tent and asked who brought me back. Everyone stated: “You walked back to the campground by yourself; when we tried to talk to you to see if you were alright, you just smiled at us in a really horrible way so we backed off and kept our distant. You then zipped up your tent and went to sleep.However, I don't remember doing anything like that at all. I also can't explain why there were human bite marks all over my body.

#9- BLOOD TRAILSThere are myths that one can intentionally invite the dead into their home by leaving a trail of human blood from the road to their doorsteps/windows.My Experience:When I was 5 years old, my brothers and I heard a really weird story detailing how the living could invite the dead into their houses. We were all skeptical, so we pursued the myth. It involves spilling human blood onto the road and dripping it towards your house. If the blood trail ends at the doorsteps, then the ghost will enter through the door; if the blood trail ends at the window sills, then the ghost can only watch from outside and not enter. We decided it would be “cool to end it at the windowsill to see if ghosts were actually true. Trust me on this one, DO NOT TRY IT!!! If this paragraph intrigues you, feel free to read my story called “Cat Songs under the DEMONS tab.

Hope you guys enjoy me and my friends' “ridiculously-dangerous adventures!!!


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Matthew Dennis
dude, "confessing" holy crap!

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Lucy Vang
Gosh, why would someone in their right mind do any of these activities? They're so creepy and scary to just even think about positioning yourself in.... you and your friends are freaks!!!! lol

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Cha Yang
Yeah, pretty much. I don't participate in this kind of act in more though, so +1 to me.

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