Never Dying Love

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I believe I may have run out of stories pertaining to my experiences, but I have plenty of stories that pertain to other people in my life. "Never Dying Love" is the story of my Aunt Julie and her romantic apparatus. The story will be told in the order that it was exactly told to me; sorry, but my grandmother had Alzheimer- NOTE that the sequence of events will switch from PAST and HISTORY continuously; it is also common for people to wed as early as 10 years old.

(1963) Julie was 14 years old when they moved out of the country to escape the catastrophic events of the Vietnam War (1955-71). Julie and her family escaped to Thailand where she and her family would restart their new life. At this time, nobody knew that Julie had a boyfriend who lived back in Vietnam.

(1959) Behind the old barn house, two figures stood hidden from the villagers; they laid on their belly to prevent anyone noticing their body. Alas, Julie and Daivee promised each other they would continue to hold onto their love for one another even if War should split them apart. Daivee, who is 15 years old, purchased a necklace as a gift for Julie, 9 years old. He told her whenever she misses him, hold onto the necklace and reminiscent their time they spent together- with that, Daivee kissed her on the forehead.

(1983) Up on a cliff surrounded by nothing but forest, Julie held out to the moon while wearing nothing but a very thin cloth that covered her bosom down to her knees. The midnight moonlight was the only light Julie had, it was darkness all around her. The wind blew constantly, caressing Julie's will to fight on, but Julie knew what she wanted, and what she wanted was what her heart craved for. The wind played one last melody for her to listen, pleading Julie to return home. With one last squeeze, she dropped what she was holding into the flowing river beneath her. As the item dropped, a golden shine reflected all around. It was time, Julie no longer wish to stay apart from Daivee...

(1956) Daivee, after kissing his lover's forehead, opened his eyes only to see a tearful Julie. Julie, still only a child, demanded they run away together. She begged him to take her away with him, but Daivee knew he could not care for such a young child, especially if they were going to be living off the wilderness. Daivee told her that he'll save as much money as possible before War erupted in their village; hopefully by then, he'll have save some money to transport them where they want to go. Daivee begun to hum a melody for Julie; it calmed her down. Julie agreed with Daivee's proposal and awaited for the day Daivee would come and take her away from this fallen country.

(1955) Julie and her mother are preparing some peas for dinner. Uncle Tueonng came by; he quietly sat down right beside his sister. Julie's mother asked "whats wrong Tu?" Uncle Tueonne replied "there's some rumors going on that war is going to hit our village. Can you believe that? We all knew politics can be violent at times, but now its causing a huge war- and our village is in the center of it all!" "Are you sure? What if those rumor are false? Don't get your head all mixed up in false rumors again Tu, you remember what happened the last time you-" stated Julie's mother. "Nonsense! I don't think these are rumors; young boys are already being drafted by the Vietnam army. It's only a matter of time before they get to our village. Pack up and get out of here- my family's leaving tonight; we're heading to Thailand, you should do the same!" yelled Tueonne; with that, he stood up and angrily marched away.

(1969) Julie and her family are tired from marching all day and all night; they had very little to eat or drink. Their future would only include the very limited items they had carried on their back. Julie turned and looked back at their bloody path. She sniffled, an ache in her heart helped draw out her water works to rinse her dried eyes. "Don't be so sad Julie, it's for the best. People we know are either drafted and killed off, or have moved away already. Don't look back honey, there's nothing waiting for us at home anymore." stated Julie's mother. With that, Julie gripped tightly on her necklace and listened to the playful melody of the wind; Julie and her family marched on forward, cautiously watching their steps and made sure not to step on any more mines.

(1957) People were panicking and running everywhere. Shouts and screams were heard all over the village. "Wake up Julie, I think the village is under attack! Pack what you can and lets get out of here" demanded Julie's mother. Julie quickly grab what little possession she cared for and took off with her mother. Julie and her mother stay hidden up in a tree; they waited all night until sunlight gleamed from behind the mountains. In the daytime, there was nothing but melodies of the jungle; there were no screams or gun fires. Julie and her mother climbed down the tree and investigated their fallen village. Turns out, it wasn't an army that raided their village, but a group of communists that came and kidnapped many of the villagers. Males were killed if they were too old to fight, but turned into soldiers if they were "fit." Females were taken as prizes or slaves; many were raped and killed that night. Julie held her hands tightly, hoping Daivee was breathing and healthy.

(1958) Daivee held Julie tightly in his arms, crying on her shoulders. Both the two lovers were surprised that each other were still alive and free. When the raid happened, Daivee's family took him and left in the midst of the night; the only thing Daivee grabbed was the small amount of money he had saved up. Julie, reunited with Daivee again, once again begged him to take her away with him. With no money and supplies, Daivee must refused her request one more time. Daivee told her to wait just one more year; at the end of the year, he should have saved enough for the both of them to run away. Daivee hummed one last melody for Julie; it calmed her down once again. 4 months later, their sanctuary would be raided by another communistic group.

(1959) As villagers were forced to sit down in large groups, communist raiders continued to burn down houses. Screams and cries were heard all over the village. Daivee's father had already been decapitated; the smell of his mother's ash still swept the air; Daivee could do nothing but sit down and awaited his fate. As he looked up, underneath the old barn house, he noticed a small figure hiding under the house. Focusing on the target, he noticed it was his lover, Julie. " Why was Julie here" he thought. Julie's family had left the night before, why is she here? A mine exploded near by, some of the raiders ran to inspect to see if villagers were near by. Daivee took this opportunity and quickly ran towards Julie. He heard guards yelling; he knew he would soon be captured. Daivee quickly crawled under the barn house; he took out a golden necklace and placed it in Julie's hands. He promised her their love would forever last and kissed her on the forehead. Daivee told her to run away and crawled out from under the barn house. After 10 steps, Daivee was tackled down by one of the communist. Julie watched in horror as her lover was dragged away.

(1963) Out on the country side, Daivee held Julie tight in his right arm. Julie balanced both their weights, and slowly marched towards home. Daivee told Julie, "That's enough Julie, let me rest. I am losing too much blood, go on without me." Julie refused to leave his side again. It seems there is always a force pulling them apart; Julie had enough. "Why? Why did you push me off?" sobbed Julie. "Because, I knew there was no other way. If you moved, you be blown to bits. I had to push you off, at least, you'll make it to Thailand. I'm so happy to have escaped those raiders and met up with you again; but, I don't think I'll be making any more moves this time..." Julie continued to hold on to Daivee, even long after he had taken his last breath. Julie hummed Daivee's melody all night long.

Later that night, Julie slowly crept into bed where her mother was sleeping. She didn't want to wake up her mother. As the wind blew, she heard Daivee's voice. He was humming the same melody he always hummed to her. She calmed down, and fell asleep. 40 minutes later, Julie heard her mother screaming. She woke up only to find herself surrounded by 7 armed communist soldiers. The soldiers started to demand them to take off their clothes; they refused. One of the soldiers hit Julie's mother with the blunt end of the rifle; her mother fell down, blood started to trail towards the side. Julie ran to her mother, and the soldiers tackled her down. As the soldiers sat on top of her, she could feel her clothes being torn to pieces. Her limbs were held down by other soldiers, she knew she would be raped and then probably killed. She soon stopped resisting and accepted her fate- it'll at least reunite her with Daivee. However, a loud roar was heard; it echoed all over the jungle. Julie claims that a big cat-like creature attacked the soldiers. 2 of them were killed, but the rest ran away. The creature came really close to her face, breathing heavily. Julie, so exhausted, cared less what the creature was going to do to her. The creature opened its mouth and... licked her on the forehead- the same place Daivee always kisses her. Shocked, Julie opened her eyes, but the creature was long gone. Her mother soon awoke, and they left their site.

Ever since that night, Julie claimed that every time she was about to be in danger, she would hear the wind whisper Daivee's song to her- as if telling her to avoid the circumstances. However, in 1983, Julie committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. When her body was found, Thailand villagers claimed that a big cat-like creature was licking Julie's face.


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Matthew Dennis

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Cha Yang
If this story is hard for you to understand, read each segment in the proper order by putting the "year" in order; it'll give you a better understanding. Although my grandmother told me this story through her Alzhiemic episodes, I feel it would have made a really good movie. Don't you guys agree that some movies are portrayed this way? My uncle has just told me more to this story, maybe I'll add it in another story about Julie.

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Matthew Dennis
no, i understood, just one of those "deep" love stories. the whole thing isnt simple, but that kind of relationship for the time period and circumstances never is.

if it was to become a movie, and i dont watch much animes, but it would probably make a good anime. usually that genre fits in well.

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Cha Yang
thankyou... sorry about the comment. The comment was not actually targeting your "deep" message, it was more for other audiences since no one was leaving comments, so I thought they didn't understand the story. Thanks for reading though.

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Girlie Witham
Who is this big cat..Daivee?

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Cha Yang
No one knows; all we can go on was what the villagers claimed to have saw.

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Lucy Vang
Wow, this story grabbed my heart and pulled it out... so sad.

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Cha Yang
Let's put your heart back where it belongs, I don't want anyone dying one me. Glad you like my stories.

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Lucy Vang
You said you were going to add more to the story since you found more info about it from your uncle, can you post it here please? If it's small, just post it here in the response section. I would love to know more about the mysterious cat, or even Julie's life. Thankx

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Cha Yang
I'm still gathering more information on Julie's story. However, it seems that the information are somewhat irrelevant to this story, so I'm having mix feelings about posting what I have already.

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Myah Green

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George Wallace
This isn't real, it can't be. Come on people, a big "cat-like" beast? But if it was, my apologies

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