Nosebleed... Part 8

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

As the officer left, I took a good look around the street.Empty... I can't see anyone around. I look up, at the street lights, and for my relief its not flickering. I quickly head towards our front gate. I open it, slowly, preparing for anything... it was creaking. ‘Creeeeaaaak‘... The gate is open, the yard is lit up. Not a soul in there... My dog started barking when it heard the gate open, in that moment when silence was suddenly cut, I nearly jumped... “Just my dog, huh...“ I went inside, just in time for my father to unleash his anger, because I was late... “Where were you?! We been worried...“ As he said that last word, he stops talking, and starts staring in my face. I did not understand what is he looking at, I mean, he sees my damn face everyday... Then a moment later I notice something warm, running out of my nose, and down my face. “OH, my nose must be bleeding...“ I thought, and went in the bathroom, to wash it off. As I stepped through the door, I almost run in to the mirror on the wall, that is in front of the door, about 2 meters away. I take a look on my face, and see that every inch of it, that is below my nose is covered in my blood... “Oh sh*t... talk about a f**ked up day... ugh...“ I begun washing the blood off, when my mother stepped in, and saw my not so pretty face... “Jesus... What happened to you?!“ she asked. “Nothing... just let me finish...“ She ran out, to ask my father, what he knows, about this... I get up, turn off the water, and look in the mirror... A figure stands behind me, the same one that chased me. As I turned around, to say a couple of not so pretty words, I fainted...


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