Orbs, Spirit Cats and Pervy Ghosts

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So many things happened in this house, I don't even know where to begin... I guess I will just start here. When I was about 7 years old me and my mother moved into this gorgeous house in Salmon Arm BC, (Canada). It wasn't gorgeous in the fact that it was modern and everything was new and freshly painted but beautiful in the way an old painting would be or an antique. You could tell it was a very old house and old fashioned but it had a charm to it. My mother always found beauty in strange things that wouldn't normally appeal to people.

There were so many interesting things about this house, Like for one there once was a graveyard behind it that had been moved but we later found out that they only took the tombstones and not the bodies. Inside there were secret passage ways on the second story that would lead to different rooms. Upstairs wasn't a huge area it only had my room and my moms room which was the master bedroom. In my room there was one passage way that would lead to the master bedroom and then another right by the stairs that lead to the master bedroom as well. So my moms bedroom had two little passage ways on opposite sides of her wall that led to my room and the stairs. Also in the middle of this room was a circle with a star in it. Literally, the tile in the room had made a circle with a star in it. We both thought that was strange. My mom hated this room but I will get more into that later.

Some history on the house that again we found out later when we researched it after all the weird stuff started happening... Right across the street from us was a bed and breakfast and back in the day it was the masters house and the house we lived in was the slaves house. I can't remember what it dated back to but that was some interesting information we learned about the house and it explained the secret passage ways through the walls.

Okay now for the weird occurrences, and this won't be in order of events, just stuff I remember happening or things that my mother had later told me. So as a strange 7 year old I would play in the passage way that was in my room. There was no lights or even electricity in these parts of the house. But I remember having balls of light all around me that would light up everything and I could see perfectly. At the time I didn't realize this wasn't normal, I didn't even know what a ghost was. I now know that these were orbs I was seeing. My mom had built me a huge doll house that she put in my passage way and I would play in there for hours with the passage door shut. She would come up to check on me and she would ask me, "How on earth do you see what your doing in there?" and I would say "The lights in the walls" or I would tell her "im playing with the lights in the walls." She would always be so confused because she knew there was no electricity in there. She never saw what I saw. I was never afraid of the lights either it was more comforting to me.

I feel that there were multiple spirts in the house that all did different things. We had one trickster in the house that would move objects around all the time but one in particular. In the bathroom my mom had this little figurine of a praying girl that she put in the windowsill right by the toilet. Whenever she would go to the bathroom she would always turn the figurine around so it was not facing her anymore. She had issues with things looking at her while she peed. Every time she went back into the bathroom it would be turned back around or it would be on top of our kitched fridge that was right outside of the bathroom. She would always blame me for moving it but I always told her it wasn't me. She didn't realize this intill one day I was at school and it moved on its own again.

We also had one dog and two cats and there would be times when we would come home and the cats would be locked in the passage ways upstairs. There was no other way to get in there except the little doors which we never left open unless we were using them. Our dog Lady would park at things that wern't there on a regular basis, we just kind of got used to it.

My mom had this boyfriend that I absolutly hated and he never wanted to come into the house he always felt so uncomfortable (thank god). One day my mom convinced him to come in and they were standing in the kitched which was close to the entrance talking. Above them was our chandelier, and it was a beautiful old fashioned chandelier. As soon as he asked, "Has anything weird happened lately?", Its sounded as if someone had took their fists and banged it on the wall behind his head as hard as they could. It made the whole house shake and the sound was so loud. As soon as the bang happened the whole chandelier fell from the celing and stoped right above his head, just dangeling by a couple wires! Needless to say he never came back after that. I was happy.

Okay so this one is going to sound odd. On occasion me and my mom would always see this grey fluffy cat in the corner of our eye. This wasn't one of our cats, ours were tabbys and short haired. We would only see it inside our house. For awhile we thought we had some random cat living in our house that we could never find after we breifly saw it. We ended up giving our cats away and all of their stuff too. Even when our cats were gone we were still seeing this other grey cat. We thought it was very strange because we never found any cat pee or droppings anywhere or any sign that it could have left behind. One day when me and my mom were just sitting on the couch watching tv. Our dog starting going crazy and barking at nothing, again nothing unusual. Then all of a sudden we see the grey cat dart from around the entrance corner, through the kitched, past Lady and then past us right up the stairs beside the couch. It all happened so fast, it was as if you blinked you would have missed it. But when I did see it I remember that the cat was almost transparent, I could see right through it yet I could still make out all the features of it. I could see the texture of its fur and how big its paws were. Its was so strange. As soon as it ran upstairs me and my mom just looked at eachother and said "Did you see that?" We both saw it and immidiatly went looking for it. We never did find it but still continued to see it in the corner of our eye. We would always joke about how we have a pet ghost cat.

Now for the master bedroom, it was the only place in the house where we felt a negative presence. My mom had only slept in there for about a month when we moved in then she moved a lot of her stuff downstairs and slept in the office. She always said she felt like someone was watching her in that room, especially when she was getting dressed or undressed. She also said when she was sleeping she would hear a creaking in the room almost as if there was a rocking chair rocking but we didn't own one. When she was sleeping she said it was almost as if someone was standing right next to the bed staring at her but she was to afraid to open her eyes and look. Other then that the house was very good to us. There were lots of little things that would happen like we would walk past a picture hung up on our wall and see a reflection of someone and then we would go back and look and it would be gone.

We had a connection with that house. Even our landlord was surprised at how long we had stayed there for. Apparently no one was there for over 6 months and we ended up living there for 2 years. We had to move for family reasons but we loved that house. Unfortunatly it no longer stands, the owner sold it and it got torn down for other new houses to be built. We heard that they could not actually build right where the home stood, the building equipment kept breaking down or something would go wrong. They did find the bodies from graveyard that used to be there when they were digging up the ground, that\'s when we found out they only took the tombstones. I'm 20 years old now and I live in Alberta but when I go to BC to viset my grandparents who live in a town not to far from Salmon Arm I sometimes drive by the lot where the house used to stand. It makes me sad that its no longer there anymore and I wonder if any of the people living in the newer homes have had any experiences.

I know this was a very long story but I love talking about it with poeple. I do not have a lot of people in my life who believe in this kind of stuff so I'm glad to have found a community here where we can share stories and experiences. Thank you so much for taking the time to read!


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    Kev Louis
    A real shame it was torn down. A real fucking shame. Thank you for sharing.

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    Girlie Witham
    Cool ghost story..thanks for sharing....

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    Bela Black

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    Eva Richardson
    Thanks for the feedback guys! :)

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