Part fifteen: time to go home...

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

Nothing happened, but still, I couldn't sleep... About two hours later, I decided to remove the plant from the door, and return it to it's original position. Then I went back to bed... I was hoping that I'll at least can get some shut eye, but didn't. Frustration along with some fear came. I almost yelled out: “I know its you! You *******and your mother to ********so you can ****** yourself too, you ******!“ The only thing stopping me was that God wouldn't like it if I would say things like that... and the sad fact that I was still in a hospital... “In a few hours, I'll be home.“ I thought. Don't know what difference does the location make, but somehow it felt comfortable to be home. “At least, I know the place...“




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