Part ten: in the hospital

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

As I really woke up, and look around, I see that I'm laying in a hospital's room. For a moment I had forgotten about that chaotic dream, and I felt okay, but a little later the last sentence of the invader came around in my head, and kept echoing through: “You-you-you-you lost-lost-lost-lost!“ What does that mean? “The note, the scream, it just doesn't make sense! Why me?! What did I ever do to deserve this?“ The time was between ten and one o'clock. I know that, because visit time in the hospital I've been that day was from 10 to 1. My father came in, along with a doctor. I closed my eyes, pretending that I'm asleep. I just didn't want to talk about it... I overheard a part of their conversation: “He is asleep, no wonder, he lost a lot of blood.““Is he going to be alright?“ My father asked. Doctor: “He needs some rest, and food. Although he is a lot better now, than two days ago, he has to stay until tomorrow.““Awww, just great! I've been out for two days?!And I have to spend one more day in here... ugh... So it was all a damned dream... I hope.“ My eyes were searching for a calendar, I wanted to know... “There!“ “Awwwwwwwww hell! It was no dream! I was taken home by the police officer, on eleventh (of October) and now it's thirteenth. That means this thing is still out there somewhere... Waiting for me... I can't know where it is until it shows up somewhere around me“...




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