Part thirteen: Weird stuff...

Posted 3 years ago by Danny Smith under Demons

My eyes popped open... My attention is caught again, I don't know what was so interesting in the pitch black silence... I was getting a little scared... “It's because I'm in the hospital, huh, never liked being there...“ As time was slowly passing, I literally felt its iron teeth chewing away the present, and turning it to past... “Ugh, I'm gonna go crazy! Awww... Diner.... guess I'm hungry...“ Minutes pass by, and still nothing happens... And I find my self thinking again. “Wonder if it shows up...“Silence, and darkness, all around... Nothing... And finally, I hear footsteps... Someone is in a hurry... That someone is about to reach my door... “Aww hell!“ As the steps get closer, they get slower. “It's coming, to my room... sh*t! I have to do something...“ I got out of bed, and walked to the door “quietly, quietly...“ I thought, as I approached the door. The steps got really close to the door... I thought whoever is out there, will come in. The sound stops... My heart is racing... I'm listening, and waiting for the door to open, or for whoever is there to continue walking down the hallway... -silence- “This is killing me! Come on already! Go away!“ I thought, and waited... -Silence- I was holding my breath, so it wont be heard. -silence- I start praying in my head. “Our father, who art in heaven...“ And there! Someone grabbed the doorknob... Its being slowly pushed down... Then it makes a creaking sound, and whoever wanted to come in just released the doorknob, and started running further down the hallway... After ten seconds I opened the door to see who it was, but see nothing but darkness... And hear the footsteps far away, from the heart of the dark hallway... “Why are all the lights out? Who the hell was that?“ I thought as I was standing there in the dark, alone...


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Matthew Dennis

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Danny Smith
Yeah... to me it was more like weird...

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Matthew Dennis
it probably felt more weird than creepy because you had a new peace about things.

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